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Chap 1,growth of imc

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Chap 1,growth of imc

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  4. 4. . . The roaring success of four-wheeler Tata Ace, in a market earlier dominated by three-wheeler load carriers, was due to a deep understanding of the market needs and customer requirements.
  5. 5. . . Interactive, Informative, Entertaining
  6. 6. Expenditure on Advertisement: In World: Approx US $ 800 billion In US: Approx:US $ 355 billion In India: Approx Rs. 200 billion Growth rate of Advertisement in India is about 22%
  7. 7. Largest contributors in Advertisement service: Telecom Services, Toilet Soap, Shampoo, Two wheelers, Corporate Bank Leading Advertiser in India: HUL,P&G, R&B, Noika, Reliance & Bharti Airtel Leading Advertiser in US: GM, P&G, Pifzer,GE
  8. 8. 1960-80: Press, Public Meeting & Radio 1980-2000: Television 2000 onwards: Internet, Television, Newspaper
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  10. 10. . . Nos. of TV channel in South Asia: Sri Lanka: 20 Bangladesh: 35 Pakistan: 60+ India: 500+ Approx 200 channel of transmission of AIR, VividBharti, Radio Mirchi, & Big FM
  11. 11. . Marketing Communication It is process to .  Inform,  Persuade &  Remind Customer about the product directly or indirectly.
  12. 12. . Basically it is Voice of the Company. . Marketing Communication gives the answer of all question like • Why • Where • When & • How
  13. 13. . .
  14. 14. Traditional Approach to Marketing Communications . Sales . Publicity Promotion Point of Purchase Media Packaging Special Adver- Events tising Direct Response Public Relations Interactive Direct Marketing Marketing
  15. 15. Contemporary IMC Approach . Sales Direct .Packaging . Promotion Response Media Point of Purchase Adver- Public tising Relations Publicity Interactive Marketing Direct Special Marketing Events
  16. 16. . . Aerial advertisement: • Airplane pulling banners, Skywriting(1200ft high), & Blimps are the part of it. • Used in Beach, Fair, events & sales promotion MOST AMAZING Pizza hut paid $1million for its 30 ft logo in unmanned Russian Proton Rocket.
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  20. 20. . . New Marketing Communications Realities Improvements in Marketers Have Shifted Information Technology Away From Mass Has Led to Marketing Segmented Marketing Less Broadcasting More Narrowcasting
  21. 21. Probably the end of 80s & beginning of 90s was the time when IMC came in the existence. Reason behind the growth of IMC:  Stiff Competition Upgrade the quality Upgrade the service Maintain Price  Emergence of new technology TV, Internet, Mobile,  Public awareness & Convenient
  22. 22. Shifting of advertisement from media to other form like Promotion Growing Tools of Advertisement Increasing Purchase Power Shifting Power from Manufacturer to Retailer Rapid Growth of Database Demand for greater accountability from Advertising Agency
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  25. 25. Advertising: Any paid form of nonpersonal communication about an organization ,Product, Services, or Idea by an identified sponsor. Like: TV, Radio, Magazine, News Paper Advertisement Cost per 10 second of IPL:4.5lac- 10lac Viewers of IPL : 200 million Viewers of Soccer world cup: 1000 million
  26. 26. Direct Marketing: Here organization communicate directly with the target customer & generate response or transaction. One of the fastest growing sector of US Indian Direct Marketing : 30% growth rate Direct marketing involves database management, direct selling, telemarketing ad & direct response ads.
  27. 27. Interactive Media: It allow for a back and forth flow of information. Here user can participate & modify the form & content of the information they received. Internet is the most advance & sophisticated tools of this interactive marketing. CD, Kiosks, Digital Phone are the some other form Online search engine like Google, Yahoo are the giant online ad company
  28. 28. American Airlines Encourages Customers to Do It All Online . .
  29. 29. Sales Promotion: Those marketing activities that provides extra value or incentives to the sales force, distributers or the ultimate customer & generate immediate response & increase sales is known as sales promotion It divided into two parts Consumer oriented activities Trade oriented activities
  30. 30. Public Relation: The management function which evaluates public attitudes, & define all the positive & negative point of the company to public. Currently all firm now using PR as integral part of the company. Growth rate of PR in India is about 20%
  31. 31. DuPont Uses Advertising to Enhance Its Corporate Image . .
  32. 32. Personal selling: It is a form of person to person communication in which seller attempts to assist or persuade prospective byres to purchase the company’s product or services or idea. It is good tools for immediate approval or disaproval
  33. 33. .
  34. 34. IMC Planning Process: As we consider IMC one of the most sophisticated tools for growing any industry, so it required much careful planning for implement. There are several modals to implement IMC planning , but the best planning process is given by American marketing Association.
  35. 35. The IMC Planning Process: • Review of Marketing Plan • Analysis of promotional program situation • Analysis of communication process • Budget determination • Develop IMC Program • Integrate & implement IMC strategies • Monitor, Evaluate & Control IMC Programme