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QR Code Presentation

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The advantages of using QR Code

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QR Code Presentation

  1. 1. WELCOME TO THE WORLD’SBEST QR CODE SYSTEM An introduction to our engaging QR Code System
  2. 2. What is a QR Code?A QR Code or Quick Response code is a multi dimensionalcode that is scanned into a smart phone to give the user instantaccess to information. There has been an increase of 1200% of people that have scanned at least one QR Code last year!
  3. 3. How it worksA company would put their custom code on theirmarketing material such as business cards, magazineand news paper ads, flyers, catalogs etc.The customer would scan the code with their smartphone and instantly be taken to their website or specialoffer.Over 14 million Americans scanned QR Codes (Quick Responsecodes) on their iPhone, BlackBerry or Android devices in June2011!
  4. 4. Businesses such as car dealerships useour QR Code System in their advertising
  5. 5. More Samples of how QR Codes are used On products On billboards On Business CardsOn Retail OnSigns Real Estate SignsIn Magazine ads Even on a headstone
  6. 6. The first body part with our QR Code System on it.That is getting engaged and personalizing your QR Code.
  7. 7. The first car with ourQR Code System on it
  8. 8. How the QR Get Linked System is DifferentThere are many more features with our system that are just notavailable with any other QR Codes.Why choose the QR.GL System over one of the free QR code generators out there QR.GL Free QRQR Code works worldwide  QR Code is compatible with most smart phones  Smallest possible QR Code (scannable 8mm x 8mm smaller than half an inch  XQR Code scans are trackable with statistics(measurable)  XQR Code comes with mobile landing page with easy access hot links  XQR Code information is easily changeable 24/7 (at no additional charge)  XQR Code always stays the same, even when the information it links to changes  XInstant access to your information even if you don’t have a website  XEmail feature: Customizable message with the hot link button to your email  XWe are the ONLY QR Code system that has this type of affiliate program  XOur QR Code System is engaging and gets your customers interacting with your business  X
  9. 9. Our system is ideal for all your marketing needs.Our code can be scanned as small as 8mm x 8mm.Making it ideal for business cards, labels for your products and so much more.Note: 10mm x 10mm is recommended; most phones scan that size betterOther QR codes need to be scanned much larger which Our QR Codemakes it harder to place it on business cards and labelsChange the contact information, deal or links as often as Other QR Codeyou want.No more wasted money on marketing materials that areout dated because the information has changed.Your QR Code never changes.You just change the information that is linked within your code.
  10. 10. Our QR Code system is ideal for:Realtors: Put the code on your signs and marketing material - have a link right to your listings, features homes or your website.Networkers: Put the code on your emails, marketing material and products you market such as cosmetics, health products, household products etc.Retailers: Put your code on your product packaging and marketing materialTrade Companies & Suppliers: Put the code on products you have installed or supplied such as a hot water tank, furnace, air conditioner, vacuum cleaner, water softener, etc. Your client has your information when they are ready to upgrade or need a repair done.Charities/Fund Raisers Put the code on your marketing materials, signs etc. Have a direct link for people to donate without have to call or mail a cheque.Individuals: Friends scan your code for links to your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter YouTUBE and Linkedin.
  11. 11. Your customers start by downloading Free QR reader software that is Compatible with their phone Your customers Scan your QR Code off the flyer into their phone A live link to your website, phone number,map to your address, email and even your social media can be there for them at touch of a button
  12. 12. A touch of a button and it dials your phone number gives them a map to your locationor sends you an email, links to your social media and more
  13. 13. Additional features of our systemYou can fully customize the buttons you would like to use.You can have a link to your website, map to your location, phone number, dealsbutton, email, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.Best of allYou can change the hot buttons as often as you want and no additional cost!These interactive features are included with your QR Code Twitter Phone Special Button Deal or Offers Map to your location E-mail You TUBE Dot tel LinkedIn Yelp Facebook Google Plus Four Square These features are only available with our system You can not do that with other QR Codes
  14. 14. You can set the preferences for your links and you canchange it any time.
  15. 15. NEW – Email featureWhen your contact selects the email button on yourQR Code site, you can customize the default message thatyou receive.
  16. 16. You can show someone your QR Code right onyour phone or PC if you don’t have a businesscard with you.Type in the browser http://qr.gl/qr/???? (your unique username)
  17. 17. You can show the power of our engagingQR Code System without scanning itShow your mobile landing page using your browser on your phone or onyour PC. All links are live. (Phone link is not live on a PC)Type in the browser http://qr.gl/????(your unique url that is your back office under your profile)
  18. 18. We have a unique Affiliate System with ourQR Code systemWe know that you will so impressed with our engagingQR Code system and its many features and benefits thatyou will tell your friends and family about it;so why not get paid for your referrals.Our unique two tier affiliate program is ideal for you toshare our system.
  19. 19. As an Affiliate you can choose which websiteYou have people go to.You have three choices:This is your link to sign up others without links to the affiliate system:http://username.qr.glThis is your link to sign up others with the affiliate system (they will beaffiliates as well):http://username.aff.qr.glWe also have added one more http://username.trial.qr.gl for customersyou wish to give a 14 day trial
  20. 20. Wait – there’s more –Our QR codes are trackable!
  21. 21. Earn Affiliate income with our QR Code SystemNo other QR Code has thistype of affiliate program!Green with Black AFF – AffiliatesGreen – No Black – CustomersOrange – PendingBlue – Customer on 14 Day Trial
  22. 22. Affiliate AccountsWhen you become an affiliate with our program, your commissions are paidto your Paypal account
  23. 23. Ways to Earn Affiliate income with our QR Code SystemFor each person you introduce that activates a QR Code you earn $20.00For each person they introduce that activates a QR Code you earn $10.00 (when qualified)Scenario 1 QR Codes Your Total Each Activated QR Total New You earn for your Total Earned Activated Commission Commission Code introduced: Codes Activated second level 1000 $20.00 $20,000 10 10,000 $100,000. $120,000.Scenario 2 QR Codes Your Total Each Activated QR Total New You earn for your Total Earned Activated Commission Commission Code introduced: Codes Activated second level 500 $20.00 $10,000. 10 5,000 $50,000. $60,000.Scenario 3 QR Codes Your Total Each Activated QR Total New You earn for your Total Earned Activated Commission Commission Code introduced: Codes Activated second level 250 $20.00 $5,000. 10 2500 $25,000. $30,000.Scenario 4 QR Codes Your Total Each Activated QR Total New You earn for your Total Earned Activated Commission Commission Code introduced: Codes Activated second level 100 $20.00 $2000. 10 1000 $10,000. $12,000. You earn this year after year as the QR Codes are renewed each year
  24. 24. All of these amazing features can be yourswith your own customized, brandable and trackable Get Linked QR Code System only $49.95 per year! You can earn affiliate income promoting the Get Linked QR System Get 3 QR Codes activated and yours is FREE plus a $10.00 Bonus Get back in touch with the person that shared this information with you to get started today.