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We are changing the why people and developers build software

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We are changing the why people and developers build software. This is how a B-Corporation is considering software and developers as a force of good. These slides come from a public speech at Oracle CloudDayIT.

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We are changing the why people and developers build software

  1. 1. Movember2015mondora.com#bcalmbcorp Milan, 19th Movember 2015 mondora b-corp benefit approach /* we are changing “the why” people build software */
  2. 2. Movember2015mondora.com#bcalmbcorp
  3. 3. Movember2015mondora.com#bcalmbcorp /* Starting with a why */ Is software development only a matter of People, Processes and Technologies? Or is it something that can be of help? “People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe” Simon Sinek
  4. 4. Movember2015mondora.com#bcalmbcorp /* When Agile moves to Company within 
 an Holacracy */ Starting with a why requires that our main goal is the benefit for the community. Isn’t it the evolution of the User Centered approach? We need [customers, people, others] inspirations instead of aspirations? We are all Adults in an Adult Society.
  5. 5. Movember2015mondora.com#bcalmbcorp /*Different Approach */
  6. 6. Movember2015mondora.com#bcalmbcorp /* Benefit translated and applied */
  7. 7. Movember2015mondora.com#bcalmbcorp /* What are our challenges? */ - upgrading the software development companies to agile - trusting people as a force for good - inspiring customers on their Why and how the are benefiting the community - creating happiness
  8. 8. Movember2015mondora.com#bcalmbcorp Thanks! and happy movember! Keep your behavior positive, because your behavior become your habits. MAHATMA GANDHI