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Keeping your company a*hole-free

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Adapted from a talk Klaas Kersting (the CEO of flaregames) held at HackFwd's Build 0.10 event in Berlin.

Keeping your company a*hole-free

  1. All content in this presentation © flaregames GmbHKeeping a company asshole-free! [Klaas Kersting, CEO, flaregames]
  2. Who‘s talking?Some context about Klaas
  3. And flaregames is…… a focused team of industry veterans and fresh talent.… creative, chaotic, sometimes loud, but always communicative, verytransparent und approachable.… 35 dedicated people with a common goal.
  4. We create mobile games:… 2 games out, 4 in production, more to come.… free to play, high production value, made with passion WORK IN PROGRES
  5. Why asshole-free?We can‘t all be nice guys all the time, can‘t we?
  6. Well, there seems to be… …a market for asshole counter- measures
  7. Surrounded by jerks!
  8. Why be asshole-free?I know any number of successful assholes.
  9. Why be asshole-free?I know any number of successful assholes.
  10. In short: assholes lower the output of quality product of a company. Look: Boss Office ProductDev PR IT
  11. In a big company, a single asshole may easily be ignored (except in his dept). Boss Office ProductDev PR IT
  12. In a startup, everything is interdependent. A single asshole may cause much harm. Mkt Dev Product IT
  13. Told you. Broken. MktDev ProductIT
  14. Who‘s an asshole?Sutton defined the dirty dozen of unpleasant behaviours:The list was compiled mostly with mobbing in mind.
  15. Who else? But there‘s more, far more types of asshole: The Exploiter (“can you do it for me?”) The Ego (“I made this! Look! Look! Me! Me!”) The Suit (“let’s have meeting first”) The gossiper (“did you hear, X said…”) The Black Hole (“Huh? Did I not tell you that?”) Et cetera.
  16. How to avoid them? 1. Don‘t hire them in the first place2. Create an atmosphere that‘s asshole-toxic 3. Don‘t be one yourself (it‘ll rub off)
  17. Scare them off: flaregames‘ recruiting formula: personality is worth more than skill
  18. Recognize them early: 1. they badmouth 2. they drain energy 3. they say I a lot 4. they get angry easily5. they don‘t take critizism well
  19. Hire carefully This is how we hire somebody: 1. Meet her informally, for a beer 2. Meet her formally in the office 3. Give her a very hard task to perform4. Have her present the results before the task 5. Have the team vote on her
  20. Think about the atmosphere 1. Be open, always 2. Don‘t reward bootlicking 3. Give people a chance to speak up 4. Don‘t incentize with money 5. Don‘t build circles („us“ vs. „them“)
  21. Questions, please
  22. Contact us! Klaas Kersting, Founder CEOflaregames GmbH, Kaiserstr. 146-148, 76133 Karlsruhe, Germanyflaregames.com | twitter.com/flaregames | facebook.com/flaregamespr@flaregames.com