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Read 180 Power Point (Blog)

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Read 180 Power Point (Blog)

  1. 1. READ 180 Loyd Elementary School<br />READ 180 is Scholastic’s comprehensive reading intervention program geared for students reading below the proficient level in grades four-twelve but includes third grade as the transition grade. The READ 180 program provides content that respects and motivates readers. <br />The READ 180 materials show respect for older struggling readers by presenting engaging, age-appropriate materials at levels that promote success.<br />
  2. 2. READ 180 Instructional Model<br />The READ 180 Instructional Model provides a simple way to organize instruction and classroom activity. See organization below:<br /><ul><li>Whole-group Instruction
  3. 3. Small-group Instruction
  4. 4. Independent Reading
  5. 5. Computer (Software Time)</li></li></ul><li>READ 180 Rotations<br />In whole-group instruction, the teacher begins the day by providing systematic instruction in reading, writing, and vocabulary to the whole class using the READ 180 materials.<br />In small-group instruction, the teacher teaches, reinforces, and practices skills using the Resources for Differentiated Instruction (RDI) and rBooks.<br />In modeled and independent reading, the students build fluency and reading comprehension skills through modeled and independent reading of READ 180 paperbacks and audio books.<br />In instructional software, students acquire intensive, individualized skills practice. <br />
  6. 6. READ 180 Software<br />The READ 180 Software continually adjusts instruction based on the assessed needs of each student.<br />Reports of diagnostic assessment are a real strength of the READ 180 program. <br />Teachers are always in need of direction to intervene appropriately for each student.<br />Through the Scholastic Achievement Manager (SAM), READ 180 delivers a variety of reports that provide detailed information about the students’ progress in word study, comprehension, vocabulary, and spelling.<br />
  7. 7. In Case of Inclement Weather<br />In case a student needs to be absent for an extended time due to bad weather or health reasons, Scholastic has provided us with a School Continuation Plan which I have incorporated into this PowerPoint.<br />See next slide for further information about The READ 180 School Continuation Plan.<br />
  8. 8. READ 180 School Continuation Plan<br />The READ 180 School Continuation Plan provides students with (20) days of reading and writing skills practice for (90) minutes per day.<br />Resources include:<br /><ul><li>Vocabulary and Word Study
  9. 9. Phonics and Syllabication
  10. 10. Comprehension and Content Area Reading
  11. 11. Writing and Grammar
  12. 12. Real World Projects
  13. 13. Parents, for the above information, type the address below into your web browser.</li></ul>http://www.scholastic.com/staysmart/read180.htm<br />