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CAPTAIN NOBODY chapters 11-12

Chapters 11-12

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CAPTAIN NOBODY chapters 11-12

  1. 1. CHAPTER 11 Captain Nobody Faces a Fear FIT/SMKAM/2016 1
  2. 2. •  As  Newt  is  running  home,  he   receives  an  urgent  call  from  Cecil   on  his  walkie-­‐talkie.   •  Newt  meets  Cecil  and  he  finds  Cecil   is  pulling  a  red  wagon.  They  find  a   full  dumpsters  with  a  discarded   bass  drum  on  top  of  it.   •  Cecil  loves  to  have  the  drum  and   wants  Newt  to  get  it  down  from  the   top  of  the  dumpster.     •  Cecil's  words  'give  a  li)le  kick'  in    Newt's  chest.  Finally  he   decides  to  help  Cecil.   •  Newt  is  afraid  of  height    and  he  suggests  Cecil  to  climb  up  the   dumpster  and  get  the  drum  himself.  However,  Cecil  makes  it   clear  that  the  job  is  meant  for  the  fearless  Captain  Nobody.         page  82  FIT/SMKAM/2016   2  
  3. 3. •  Captain  Nobody  climbs  up  the  dumpster  and  gets  the  drum   for  Cecil.  Then  he  passes  the  drum  down  to  Cecil.   •   As  Newt  is  climbing  down,  suddenly  a  hand  comes  out   from  the  pile  of  cardboard  boxes  and  grabs  his  ankle.  He   'screams  like  a  cheerleader  in  a  horror  film'.   page  84   Aarrgghh!!   FIT/SMKAM/2016   3  
  4. 4. CHAPTER 12 Captain Nobody First Comes to the Rescue FIT/SMKAM/2016 4
  5. 5. •  Cecil  shouts  at  the  old  man  who   is  holding  Captain  Nobody's   ankle  and  the  old  man   immediately  releases  his  hand   off.   •  Captain  Nobody  recognises  the   old  man  as  Mr.  Clay,  who  used   to  be  a  locksmith.  His  mother   had  used  his  services  when  she   was  in  trouble.   page  86   FIT/SMKAM/2016   5  
  6. 6. •  Mr.  Clay  has  demenSa.  He  is  lost  and    is  out  of  his  medicine.   •  Newt  introduces  himself    as  Captain  Nobody  and  offers  to  walk   him  home.   •  When  they  reach  Mr.  Clay's  house,  Mrs.  Clay  is  standing  at  the   front  door.  She  is  relieved  when  she  sees  her  husband  has  come   home.   •  Mr.  Clay  explains  to  his  wife  that  Captain  Nobody  has  rescued   him  and  walked  him  home.   •  The  boys  are  very  pleased  that  they  have  helped  the  old  man.   Mr.  Clay,  did  you  go  for  a   walk  and  get  lost?     My  name  is  Captain   Nobody…  and  I  am  here  to   take  you  home.   pages  87-­‐88   FIT/SMKAM/2016   6