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Designing for Digital Health

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Presented at Web Unleashed 2019
More info at www.fitc.ca/webu

Andréa Crofts
Examining our responsibility as creators to design for disconnection.
The “restore connection” alert isn’t just for devices– it applies to people too. And it’s more important now than ever before.

Digital creators, we need to talk. The rise in mental health as a result of situational stress is a prevailing theme in today’s society, and some of the products we’re building are the root cause. But we have the power to change this. As creators of digital products, how might we enable our users to be more present in their lives? How might we invest in features like Instagram’s activity timer, despite the fact that they’re fundamentally counterintuitive to the usage metrics most behemoth tech companies are driving towards?

We have a responsibility as creators of digital products to enable others to disconnect …and re-connect with themselves, physically and mentally. This intersection is an emerging category Andrea likes to call digital health, and it’s something we can create together.

To share actionable strategies, principles and considerations for designing with digital health top of mind. Andrea will get into some #realtalk about how we can collectively create more balance and presence for the humans using our products.

Target Audience
Designers and digital creators of all kinds – especially those building digital products at scale!

Open to audience members of any skill level (this is a more high-level talk)

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn
Tips and best-in-class examples of designing for digital health
Design guidelines and principles for designing with digital health in mind
Evidence-based practices to ground your future design decisions
Strategies for re-framing the success metrics of digital products
Design ethics resources

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Designing for Digital Health

  1. 1. Designing for Directorof Design,League @andreacrofts
  2. 2. Health BenefitsLifestyle A “Venn Diagram Salad” Bio
  3. 3. Health Inclusion A11YEthicsBenefitsLifestyle A “Venn Diagram Salad” Bio
  4. 4. Health Inclusion A11YEthicsBenefitsLifestyle Diversity CommunityInclusion A “Venn Diagram Salad” Bio
  5. 5. She/Her/Hers ProductDesignLeader FormerFront-EndDev CommunityBuilder AbuserofExpletives
  6. 6. 01 02 03 04 05 TODAY’S AGENDA AState of Affairs WhatisDigital Health? Best-in-ClassExamples Note-worthy Principles Re-framing Success Metrics
  8. 8. “Don’tbeevil...” Larry Page 2001 Apparentlypeoplelikeit betterthan“begood.”
  9. 9. OurDemocracy
  10. 10. OurDataPrivacy
  11. 11. OurUnity
  12. 12. “Dotherightthing.” Alphabet 2015
  13. 13. Guides how designers work with clients, colleagues, and the end users of products, how they conduct the design process, how they determine the features of products, and how they assess the ethical significance or moral worth of the products that result from the activity of designing. – ENCYCLOPEDIA.COM
  14. 14. Leadhumanitarianefforts aroundtheworldtouse technologytosolvethe world’smostchallenging problems. IEEE Strategic Plan 2015 - 2020
  16. 16. Digital Health =
  17. 17. Digital Health =
  18. 18. Ergonomics Appropriate workstations that facilitate healthy work habits and posture Physical Vision Repeat exposure to screens Posture Prolonged effects of over-working on or in front of technology
  19. 19. Mental Health Maintaining healthy relationships with technology Psychological Spiritual Health Finding intentional disconnection Social Health Curbing technology addictions
  20. 20. Culture Otherwise known as social norms, this is what is considered as normal in a society Data Security Having agency over your personal data (consent) Personal Privacy Security of personal information Social
  21. 21. The Psychology ofApps
  22. 22. Technologyis exploiting vulnerability inhumanpsychology.
  23. 23. Recommended Videos Late 2013 Auto-Play Series and Titles Late 2016 Auto-Play in News Feed Late 2014 TheGenesis ofAutoplayVideo A TIMELINE
  24. 24. “It’stime to stop theracetothebottom ofthebrainstem.” - TRISTAN HARRIS Former Design Ethicist at Google, now Founder of the Centre for Humane Technology
  25. 25. “Depressionwillbethe leadingcauseofdisease burdenby2030.” - WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION
  26. 26. Constant Connection =DeepDisconnection
  27. 27. We’rebuilding thenewsheadlines ofthefuture.
  28. 28. But,most importantly,the products habits ofthefuture.
  29. 29. It’s time for ahardre-start. How might we restore connection? Some best-in-class apps are showing us the way.
  31. 31. Insights and Coaching Apple’s Screen Time Insights Android’s Time Spent Insights
  32. 32. Your Hour For Android TimersandTools Android App Timer
  33. 33. Google Pixel Device Pixel 3 and Pixel 2 FliptoShhh
  34. 34. Apple’s Downtime Bedtime and downtime modes Distraction- FreeMode Apple’s iOS 12 Lock screen weather widget
  35. 35. Notifications Headspace Daily Notifications Healthy Reminders
  36. 36. League Health Assessment Data 
 Sharing,in Users’Hands
  38. 38. Am I maximizing happiness for the greatest number of people? Am I treating people as an ends or as a means? What would happen if everyone did what I’m trying to do? Would I be happy for this to be published in tomorrow’s papers? A lens through which to create. Design Ethics Questions to ask yourself as you’re designing:
  39. 39. Enableusers toenterflow without distractions PRINCIPLE Fabulous Minutes To get back on task after an interruption Daily Habit Tracker 23
  40. 40. Incorporatingthe threedimensions ofdigitalhealth + Headspace Integration? Calculating minutes meditated PRINCIPLE
  41. 41. Usehabit- formingloops forgood. Health Apps As a preferential category PRINCIPLE Fabulous Gratitude
  42. 42. Useloading statesas remindersto disengage PRINCIPLE Metal Gear Solid 4 “Isn’t it time for a break? It’s now after 1am. For your health, take a break! What time is better than now to do a few stretches and move around a little?”
  43. 43. Morecollaboration betweencreators andwellness practitioners PRINCIPLE Mood Notes Thinking Traps Pause Mindful Movements Mood Notes Pause
  45. 45. DAUDaily Active Users MAUMonthly Active Users ARRAnnual Recurring Revenue NPSNet Promoter Score CSATCustomer Satisfaction SLAService-Level Agreement
  46. 46. These metricsdidn’t happenbyaccident.
  47. 47. It’s time to reclaimand re-frameourmetrics.
  48. 48. DAU + Daily Active Users MAU Monthly Active Users Impact Metrics
  49. 49. Re-frame successmetrics forhealthier impactmetrics NEXT STEPS
  50. 50. MAU + Monthly Active Users NPS Net Promoter Score HGC Health Goal Completion # of…Miles ran per month Glasses of water drank
  51. 51. Impactover Engagement
  52. 52. Whatifwe measuredsuccessnotbythe amountofmoneywemake,butbythe amountofhumanenergyweunlock- theamountofhumanpotentialwe enable?Ifthatwouldbe ourmetric, 
 our worldwouldbeadifferentplace. - Jacqueline Novogratz CEO of Acumen
  53. 53. Let’sconsider the ethicsof ourwork,and betruly user-centered inourapproach.
  54. 54. THINGS WE CAN DO: Designforthethreedimensionsof
 digitalhealth:physical, mental and social Definewhat design ethics meanstous, andlive by thatinourworkeveryday. Usepatternsthatdesignfordisconnection Optforimpactmetricsoverengagement metricstoevolvewhat success means Recap
  55. 55. Howwillyourwork impactyourusers’ digitalhealth?
  56. 56. Thankyou, FITC! @andreacrofts acrofts@league.com andreacrofts.com/digital-health @ANDREACROFTS • DESIGNING for DIGITAL HEALTH
  57. 57. andreacrofts.com/digital-health
  58. 58. Top6 FavouriteAppsforDigitalHealth Headspace High-quality guided meditation sessions. Sessions range from 1 minute to 20+ minutes. SHORTLIST Classpass GO Bite-sized classes from reputable instructors. Helps me sweat once a day. Lifesum A diet plan, food diary, macro calculator, calorie counter & healthy recipes, all in one. 1 2 3 Fabulous Habit-forming app created by the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University. Muse Meditation Headband Headband that provides real-time feedback on brain activity during guided meditations. 4 5 MoodNotes Mood journal for documenting and unpacking thoughts using CBT. 6
  59. 59. @ANDREACROFTS • DESIGNING for DIGITAL HEALTH Q+A@andreacrofts acrofts@league.com league.com/careers