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A Digital Human Presence Reimagined Through Textiles

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Presented at FITC Toronto 2018
More info at http://fitc.ca/event/to18/

Presented by Maggie Greyson, Myant
and Milad Alizadeh-Meghrazi, Myant

How will we create space for human nature in the future? What might our accelerated future look like? We are embedding sensors into everything. The predicted worldwide spending on the Internet of Things forecast to reach nearly $1.4 Trillion in 2021. This includes in health, currency, self-driving cars, drones, smart cities, connected homes, manufacturing, etc. If these smart things don’t have a keyboard or a Siri, how to we assert any control over them? What if an individual can’t speak or move, how will they participate on any given day?

The purpose of the presentation is to share ideas to create leadership for the audience in appreciating the value of biodata. What can we do with access to the human body? This black box we lug around with us. The quantified self, loved ones, circle of care, social media, insurance companies. While others discuss ethics, insurance policies and security breaches covering the electronic person we are planning for mass adoption of e-textiles because social acceptance changes over time. Our fear of cell phones tracking our every move has turned into millions of Waze users who want that anonymized data to help make their lives better. We already give up our location, declare our social connections, track our purchase habits, and want medical records to track our health.

The audience will understand that the future of biodata is happening now and that it has immense applications in various industries such as IOT, healthcare and AR/VR.

Target Audience
Makers, programmers, people interested in futures, wearables, engineering, global markets, human-centered design, creative technologists.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn
Many wearables are point solutions, textile is the only foundation that can consolidate the fragmented wearables space and provide the greatest coverage of the human body for monitoring
The digital presence achieved through biodata, which will ultimately be a new form of communication to the self, others and AI
The seamless and non-habit change nature of textiles allows for continuous connection through a form factor which will lead to high compliance
Companies who are already thinking about biodata – like Amazon, Google, Apple, IBM, Facebook are most likely to develop ambient and continuous connection solutions
Measuring biodata across platforms (bed sheets, bathmat, furniture, car seats) means more information to anticipate and prevent future health problems. An accumulation of biodata and artificial intelligence leads to anticipatory healthcare. Experts can use this information to impart wisdom that generate actionable insights and preventative measures

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A Digital Human Presence Reimagined Through Textiles

  1. 1. A Digital Human Presence Reimagined Through Textiles Maggie Greyson Foresight Innovation and Content Specialist Milad Alizadeh-Meghrazi Director of Research and Development
  2. 2. to make the invisible visible Maggie Greyson Foresight Innovation and Content Specialist
  3. 3. Milad Alizadeh-Meghrazi Director of Research and Development to help empower individuals
  4. 4. United Nations
  5. 5. What is a digital human presence?
  6. 6. what is a digital human presence? section 1: introduction I just met Sophia the Robot. She wasn’t feelin’ me... I guess based on my History with Robots. Sophia
  7. 7. New Dimensions in Testimony Talking to a hologram that is giving you the feeling it’s just a normal conversation.
  8. 8. section 1: introduction
  9. 9. Augmented human vs. Enhanced human
  10. 10. What is a digital human presence reimagined through textiles?
  11. 11. Losing your independence is extremely difficult, especially as an adult. Anita
  12. 12. Kardashev Scale for wearables ? Kardashev Scale
  13. 13. Advancements in wearables
  14. 14. Google + Levis Project Jacquard Cardiogram Game of Thrones
  15. 15. MIT BioSuit We want to facilitate extreme exploration.
  16. 16. as an example in the pantheon there is no god of disability section 1: introduction Enabled individual with SCI 70 year old
  17. 17. MaggieMilad
  18. 18. Joy Buolamwini MIT Media It’s really dangerous when entire populations get left behind.
  19. 19. Penny @abao1210 I can’t take a photo on my phone and send it to my daughter.
  20. 20. Karen I’ve been living in the Yukon for four years and I don’t miss my job at a call centre.
  21. 21. The frail & elderly I go through life at my own speed.
  22. 22. section 3: skills and abilities Toronto Community Housing Corporation & Toronto Paramedics
  25. 25. section 3: skills and abilities TEXTILE COMPUTING PLATFORM
  26. 26. section 3: skills and abilities TEXTILE COMPUTING PLATFORM
  27. 27. Operating System of the Body section 4: tools INTELLIGENT INTERFACE
  28. 28. section 4: tools
  29. 29. e-textile industry
  30. 30. GLOBAL POPULATION10%wearing clothes connected to the internet in 2022 (WEF)
  31. 31. April 10, 2028 10:30 AM Toronto 6’C 10:30 PM Hong Kong 35’C
  32. 32. it all starts with a step... Sam Schmidt Verizon IndyCar Series
  33. 33. DARPA Nerve Guided Robotic Arm
  34. 34. Griffith University Thought Controlled Rehab
  35. 35. What you can do
  36. 36. section 3: skills and abilities
  37. 37. Human Presence Reimagined
  38. 38. www.myant.ca @myantandco Maggie Greyson @maggie_greyson Milad Alizadeh-Meghrazi miladam@myant.ca