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Women's aid campaign pitch-liyi liang

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Women's aid campaign pitch-liyi liang

  1. 1. If love story… is with V.Women’s Aid New Media Campaign Proposal Liyi Liang 21st March
  2. 2. Who we are• Women’s Aid, the nation domestic violence charity, believes that women and children have right to live without violence and have a future without fear.
  3. 3. Problem 16-18 year olds girls lack recognition of domestic violence and do not know where and how to seek help if suffering those abuse. 18% 56%being slapped… excessive jealousy… 50% don’t know where… 20% forced to have sex… 47% peeped at private message…
  4. 4. Objectives between October to December, 2013:• To increase teenager girls’ awareness by 20%• 1,000 download of the app• To increase the visit of Women’s Aid’s website by 13%• To increase the social media followers between 16-18 year olds by 14%• To generate 8 pieces of positive local media coverage
  5. 5. who we want to get on boardPrimary audience: 16-18 year olds girlsSecondary audience: parents and high schoolsInfluencer: celebrities who support anti-domestic violence campaign (Annie Lennox, Ian Somerhalder, Reese Witherspoon, Waris Dirie, Will Young, Monique Coleman, Jamelia)
  6. 6. If story… is with V. Original pic from: Top girl, Crowdstar Inc
  7. 7. Choose characteristic Original pic from: Top girl, Crowdstar Inc
  8. 8. Experience: Original pic from: Top girl, Crowdstar Inc
  9. 9. Example Scenario: He slapped me… Original pic from: Top girl, Crowdstar Inc
  10. 10. Reinforced Message: At the end of game… women’s aid until women & children are safe Your friends realise… But may not or you You we are sure… may suffer Share this app, with VIOLENCE. If love story…is those violence. help your friends All We’re here to help you! DOMESTICabove are parts of stories VIOLENCE would includes Thosemore about not far from know stories are But you’re physical, sexual, girls, happen to boys &emotional and DOMESTICnot alone… not just your life. VIOLENCE. financial abuse. to married couple.
  11. 11. Call to Action: Voice Help Share
  12. 12. How to measure• Mobile App: download / Comments/ Shares• Facebook: followers/comments/shares• Twitter: followers/retweets/influncers engaged/sentiment The number of people discuss the campaign using hashtage #TGDV• Website: visit• Media coverage: positive media coverage• Survey: A post-campaign survey to be conducted to measure the how teenage girls’ recognition of domestic violence changes.