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#FIRMday 15th nov 2013 gary franklin the firm's winter conference opening slidedeck and 2014 schedule

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#FIRMday 15th nov 2013 gary franklin the firm's winter conference opening slidedeck and 2014 schedule

  1. 1. The FIRM’s Winter Conference in association with and
  2. 2. Twitter = @firmrecruits #firmday
  3. 3. Our Vision & Mission Run by in-house recruiters for in-house recruiters The FIRM was founded as a LinkedIn Group in December 2007. Now with nearly 6300 members in 59 countries The FIRM is the leading membership organisation for in-house recruitment professionals Our goal is to Develop, Support and Inspire our members We aim to promote the values and professionalism of our members, as well as ensuring ethical integrity and best practice - raising the standard of service we provide to our applicants, internal customers and receive from external suppliers.
  4. 4. Membership today LinkedIn Based – all members of The FIRM are on LinkedIn Formed in December 2007 Managed today by Gary Franklin, The FIRM Emma Mirrington, Mars Lisa Scales, TribePad Anna Milbank, The FIRM 6400 members – a 20% increase each year to date Over 4300 in UK Over 500 in USA Over 300 in Rest of Europe Over 500 in Australia Approx 1900 companies represented in 61 Countries Over 160 Industry sectors represented
  5. 5. The FIRM – what we do Conferences London 15th November 2013 - https://firmday.eventbrite.co.uk/ London 27th Feb 2014 – The FIRM’s Resourcing Technology Conference Manchester 25th Sept 2014 – The FIRM’s Future Talent Conference London 27th Nov 2014 – The FIRM’s Social Media Conference Strategic Resourcing Programme developed with Henley Business School The FIRM Awards - 5th December 2013, Tower Hotel, London 4th December 2014 www.TheFIRMAwards.com The FIRM Focus Groups – 4 Feb, 11 March, 15 April, 20 May, 3 June, 14 Oct, 4 Nov Exclusive Webinars by trusted Subject Matter Experts Regular The FIRM Connect Newsletter Annual Membership Survey into the state of corporate resourcing and its needs – LIVE NOW ! Plus targeted research on specific issue AND!......
  6. 6. The New Forest Sally Gunnell Jas Hawker Billy Schwer Glamping Live Music Camping @recruitstock
  7. 7. What’s your focus for the next 6-24 months? www.slideshare.net/firmnetwork
  8. 8. Contacts Gary Franklin – gary@thefirm-network.com 07766 823 203 Emma Mirrington – emma@thefirm-network.com 07855 312 314
  9. 9. THANK YOU to and