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Your 24/7 Portal: Optimize Your Website

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Tips for making your business website serve as a 24/7 sales portal. Presented at Acción Texas small business seminar series Nov. 2012.

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Your 24/7 Portal: Optimize Your Website

  1. 1. Your 24/7 Portal: Susan PriceOptimize Your Website Firecat Studio
  2. 2. A Perfect Salesperson… Who Never Sleeps
  3. 3. How Do YOU Finda Product or Service?
  4. 4. Redesigns
  5. 5. Best Practices for Your Website1.  Make contact information easy to find2.  Build on a Content Management System3.  Offer content helpful to your prospects4.  Keep branding consistent – Business cards, brochures, signs, email, website all should match5.  Make sure it works on phones Website Redesign Checklist
  6. 6. Getting Found: Search Engine Optimization
  7. 7. Optimizing for Search Traffic
  8. 8. Install the Free Google Analytics Code— And LEARN TO READ YOUR METRICS
  9. 9. Leverage Social Media
  10. 10. Don’t Do This… •  Talk •  Pitch •  Spam
  11. 11. …Do This! •  Listen •  Engage •  Respond
  12. 12. Web Presence is an Ongoing Commitment
  13. 13. Firecat StudioSusan Price, CEO & Chief StrategistFirecat Studio LLC918 Nolan #104San Antonio, TX 78202210.320.2391 studio210.872.0445 mobilesusan@firecatstudio.comhttp://firecatstudio.comFirecat Studio on Facebook@FirecatSue