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How to File for Unemployment Insurance Benefit

Have you lost your job! Then check for the unemployment insurance benefits. Calculate benefits according to your states.

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How to File for Unemployment Insurance Benefit

  1. 1. Lost Your Job? Here’s what you need to do.. Brought to you by FileUnemployment.org
  2. 2. Consider About Unemployment Insurance Unemployment Insurance Programs are run by State and Federal law to provide financial support to unemployed individuals To qualify, you must satisfy the following criteria: ❏ Unemployment was not due to a fault of yours ❏ You earned minimum wages during base period ❏ Worked minimum no. of hours during base period ❏ You are actively seeking new job opportunities
  3. 3. Follow these steps ❏ Keep your Social Security Number, contact information and employment history ready ❏ File a claim with the State Unemployment Insurance agency via e-mail/ phone ❏ Wait for a response. In the meantime, join the Employment Exchange and hunt for new jobs How Do I File For Unemployment Insurance
  4. 4. Weekly Benefit Rate (WBR) = Approx. 50% of Avg. weekly wages earned during Base Period. Benefits are given for a maximum duration of 26 weeks. File weekly/ bi-weekly claims to continue enjoying benefits. Duration And Amount For Benefits
  5. 5. ➢ Spend Less ➢ Ensure that you have an active health insurance ➢ Update your LinkedIn profile to make it employer friendly ➢ Enhance and update your resume ➢ Apply for suitable jobs ➢ Stay positive and spend time with family and friends ➢ Stay Calm In The Meantime…
  6. 6. Thank you! Visit us for more help on Unemployment Insurance! Prepared by FileUnemployment.org