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Desunited kindon

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The planet agonizes in the earth, in the it longs for and in the air and, while needs union to face your problems, human beings without conscience think about itself own, they abandon your friends and they want to live in a reign and last time

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Desunited kindon

  1. 1. “UNITED” KINGDOM MORE THAN DISUNITED Authors: Fernando Zornitta and Paulo Zornitta of the south axis of the world Half of the population is almost against the separation of United Kingdom of the European Union; more precisely 48%. The 52% winners, they exercised your democratic right, but they also showed your instincts and fears as in the time of the caves and of the racists, xenophobics or emperors of a selfish world, of privileges that don't want to divide and, of fantasies of a retrograde past of imperialism - of noblemen and plebeians - that lives in a corner of the Earth hyper-privileged in terms of technological development, sociocultural and economical, but that doesn't want to see the rest of the world, after having absorbed of them the all can all. Your largest fear "of that people" type, like Donald Trump referred when it supported the majority decision of the English population - when him in visit to Scotland and your enterprises that there has - it is the fear of a possible invasion of the European immigrants - your allies and partners of every hour; it is the fear of the not European immigrants” invasion - the refugees - that because of the bombs it is thrown in your roofs and cities, more than 60 million today still they wander for Europe in same trails the one of ants in search of solidarity and shelter. On a side, they betrayed Europe and of other they are shown mean and they are protected for us to live in the dream and in a reign breeze - as it exists there, of kings and queens, princes, princesses and subjects - and smuggled of the problems of the world and that it demonstrates your bases xenophobic bases, racists, selfish and of aversion to the immigrants and mainly the fear of the refugees' of the wars arrival and of the conflicts, that paradoxically, they are the responsible principal and backers with your technological paraphernalia of destruction and wars. The separation posture doesn't send to the glory, but reminds the Nazi period, that is considered a superior race the all the other ones. That blow against Europe, as it defined Angela Merquel, it is an anti-European declaration and anti-world; a same posture the Nazi to the eyes of the semiotics and traitor of all humanity, that also looks for roads counting on them - the privileged of the world that were done on top of the colonization of the people and doesn't understand that mean posture of isolation; time that knows that alone England (one of the 4 geo-political units of United Kingdom) has in itself an economical power, military and warlike to sustain at an island of privileges. But the world will show your aversion to the selfishness manifested in the vote of most of your people and them they will remember of how happy they were. The stocks exchange already in the same June 24 they showed the humor of the world and they fell down in the whole planet. Your first minister renounced and the established companies in England - that sell to Europe,
  2. 2. like Japan that there maintains more than thousands of them - they already think about leaving, therefore your principal market is Europe. Instead of looking that island where the imperial system still invigorates and that he wanted to see closely, the tourist that travels for motivation, now he will have an aversion feeling those that saw them the backs after they have set up in them since the time of the colonies. Instead of they walk to the front, they will walk and they will make to walk the whole Europe back and consequently the world already in crises, to review agreements, to renegotiate, etc... But the worst of everything is the bad example that leaves and it testifies about all the humanity; example that should go in the opposite sense to the from the decision of the people of United Kingdom and to be of solidarity, of opening and solidarity to the problems of the world; of collaboration, of help, of pledge for reversion of the catastrophic direction which the planet and the life that it is accommodated in him proceeds and in the sense of the harmony, of the peace, of the social justice and of the maintainable environmental. While they forget that are in the same ship, to they try to isolate and they be protected, they will feel the weight of the aversion that they will face of all the humanity and of the world, learning for the pain that they should already have apprehended for the conscience. - And is a question that doesn't want to silence how would have voted the royalty of United Kingdom??? But even so and although everything, the latest countries in the historical process of development will proceed helpful to the reign - having voted them in favor or against, like Brazil, and selling your built-in natural resources in fruits, meats, grains, ores and tends your biodiversity patented there and, they will proceed happy and in the hope of "enlarging businesses" with the treacherous nobility of the world, as declared the Brazilian diplomacy in the same day of the popularization of the votes. Like this and in that insane human dimension that Disunited Kingdom shows to the world, the humanity walks for an only one and certain direction - of the disaggregation, but it could be different.