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DTAL Empathize & Define - Fernando Alday

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DTAL Empathize & Define - Fernando Alday

  1. 1. DTAL Empathize & Define Fernando Alday August 5, 2013
  2. 2. Empathy Map
  3. 3. Stakeholder • Ingrid – Hard-driving – Super-busy – Experienced – Marketer – Seeking to hire a new member for her team
  4. 4. Say • I need a person with superior work ethic • I would value somebody who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty and get things done, to learn on the job and unlearn what they taught them in school • I expect a new hire to be customer-oriented, not self-serving • I am not sure if a degree from a good university guarantees that a person is ready to take on the job • I want to know how to choose the right person for the job before hiring them • I do not need a superstar student – I need someone who is passionate, capable and works according to the priorities we agree on • I think universities should offer courses to prepare students for the workplace, based on real-life projects (something like “The Apprentice”) and not academic grades
  5. 5. Do • Interviewing • Participating in assessment centers • Supervising new hires closely to verify their fit with the company and the team • Recently let go a non-performer by gathering factual evidence
  6. 6. Think • Students are in general not well prepared for the workplace • Incentives for academic performance (grades, ranking, contests) are not aligned with performance in a workplace • Job candidates need to show soft skills with evidence, probably obtained through extracurriculars • Attitude and disposition are more important than academic and technical capability • Universities offer and academic ivory tower, with few “real-life” experiences
  7. 7. Feel • Nervous about hiring the wrong person • Proud of her own experience and achievement in the workplace • Unsatisfied with the current talent pool (millenials) • Frustrated when she has to let someone go soon after hiring them
  8. 8. Problem Statement
  9. 9. Problem Statement Ingrid, a super-busy, hard-driving and experienced marketer needs a way to increase her odds of hiring the right person because she feels like she cannot afford to make mistakes when she is bringing a new member to her team.