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5 Surprising Clothing Hacks You did not Know About

If you like, many others who face similar problems like stinky shoes, lossy zippers, clumsy sweater, and wrinkles on the clothes then these clothing hacks are meant for you.

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5 Surprising Clothing Hacks You did not Know About

  1. 1. S U R P R I S I N G C L O T H I N G   H A C K S   W W W . F E M M E C O N N E C T I O N . C O M . A U Y O U D I D N O T K N O W A B O U T ! 5
  2. 2. List of some of the most useful clothing hacks to help you out: #FEMMEHACKS
  3. 3. #1 Smelly Shoes? Rather than washing your shoes everytime they stink, use a blow dryer to get rid of the stench. Make sure you use the dryer at a minimum temperature to effectively get rid of the smell.
  4. 4. #2 Loose Zippers? The best way to keep loose zippers up is to keep fasten a keychain’s ring around the zipper. Next, wear your pair of jeans and pull the zipper up. When the zipper is up, fasten the ring around the button for fastening the jeans, and there you have it! Your zippers won’t go down until you make them!
  5. 5. #3 Clumsy Look with a sweater? If you hate wearing a sweater over a button-up shirt which makes your overall look weird, here is a trick  Wear a tank top over you button-up shirt before you pull down your sweater and get rid of these button impressions for good!
  6. 6. #4 Wrinkles on your Clothes? Running on the clock with a wrinkly shirt, well all you need to do is dampen your t-shirt and use your dryer to dry it off. To get the best results, trying hanging your shirt up with the help of a hanger
  7. 7. #5 Stinky Pair of Jeans? To get rid of the stinky smell from your pair of beloved jeans without getting the colour off, all you need to do is stuff in the freezer.
  8. 8. Keep your clothes free from unnecessary problems with the above-mentioned tips.
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  10. 10. Thank you Written, Designed and Published by Femmeconnection W W W . F E M M E C O N N E C T I O N . C O M . A U