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XLVI Annual FELABAN Assembly, 5th newsletter

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XLVI Annual FELABAN Assembly, 5th newsletter

  1. 1. Newsletter sponsored by Dont miss the opportunity to choose N° 5 May The XLVI Annual Felaban Assembly, Lima 31th 2012 offers its participants acommodation 2012 in Lima’s best 5 and 4 star hotels. Keep in mind that: 34% of the 1 571 initially available rooms are already booked. Beware of 21% of the 1 321 rooms in hotels that are not The Westin Lima Hotel Convention Center, the dragon venue of the Assembly, are already booked. 1,046 rooms in other hotels that are not The Westin Lima Hotel Convention Center, venue of the Assembly, are available.FOTO: PAPERCRAFTCENTRAL There will be a shuttle bus service available in all the hotels to transfer the participants to the Assembly venue. Don’t wait too long. Go to: ¿What is now and what will be the future impact of the Chinese www.asambleafelaban2012.com/alojamiento economy in the world and in the Latin American economies? and contact your favorite hotel. The XLVI Annual Felaban Assembly, Lima 2012, shall be the setting for a deep analysis on this matter. Assembly´s Social and Cultural Activities During the 2008-2009 crisis, that the synchronization between China implemented a massive fiscal their economic cycles shall continue to Lima, Gastronomic Capital of the Americas stimulus package that allowed it to grow, thus increasing the importance will tempt you with delicious alternatives quickly regain a positive rate of growth of Chinese events for Latam. of its varied gastronomy during the official which in turn spurred global activity. ¿Are there any factors that activities, sponsored by local banks. As a result of these incentivizing threaten the economic dynamism of policies, the Asian giant accelerated China and therefore of Latin America? • Welcome Cocktail: its industrialization and urbanization We identify four risk factors for this Sunday November 18th at 7 p.m. processes which maintained its Asian economy (an external one Sponsored by BBVA Continental demand of raw materials at a high and three idiosyncratic ones) that level. This gave an important impulse would be important to discuss: (i) • Reception: Monday November 19th at 7 p.m. to other economies within the region the impact of the European Crisis Sponsored by Banco de Credito del Peru which export these products and (ii) the downward adjustment on helped them to weather the impacts housing costs and its implications • Lunch/Conference: of the global financial crisis. on the financial system, (iii) the Monday November 19th at 1 p.m. Over the past few years the growing importance of the parallel Sponsored by Interbank commercial integration between finance system (shadow banking) Include these events in your Agenda Latam and China has become and the vulnerability this implies stronger; furthermore, Chinese for the economy and (iv) the high For further information please write to us at: investments in the region have level of indebtedness among local asambleafelaban2012@asbanc.com.pe increased. These two factors suggest governments”. Organizers Sponsors Platinum Gold Silver Copper Media WORLD FINANCE Partner THE VOICE OF THE MARKET If you do not want to receive this newsletter again please reply this e-mail with the word: REMOVE in the Subject window.