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Build your future Lean like Lean was originally built

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Build your future Lean like Lean was originally built

  1. 1. BUILD YOUR FUTURE LEAN LIKE LEAN WAS ORIGINALLY BUILT Essence-Leadership, François Durnez, Oct 15
  2. 2. LEAN  IS  A  ‘QUALITY  POLYMORPHISM’   Its  force  is  to  evolve  as  business  complexifies 2 Toyota Production System has been built over years with different contributors: • It has evolved in content and approach. • It adapted to new issues, stakes, context, complexity… Its origin came from Quality in various operational forms. Its evolution included Flow, and all operational learning organization means (problem solving, standards, visual management… Today Lean has been declined in various different forms, in a polymorphic way in order to adapt to context (new tools, adjustment to given needs, contexts and functions…) All Rights Reserved www.Essence-Leadership.com©
  3. 3. E.  Toyoda,  T.  Ohno A  BRIEF  -­‐HOWEVER  COMPLEX-­‐  HISTORY  OF  LEAN   Several  branches  &  trends  influence  its  evolution 1940 1980 2000 2020196019201900 Taylorism   Work  Scientific   Management Quality Quality   Assurance ISO,  1946 Quality  Management   System Normalization Taylor,  1880 Ford,  1915 BPM Digiti-­‐ zation Quality   Assurance Operational   Quality Quality   Circles Total   Quality TQM E.  Deming   PDCA,  1950 A.  Shewhart,  1931 Motorola,  1983 Quality   Statistical   Control DMAIC  6σ Lean   Six  Sigma Six  Sigma J.  Welch   GE,  1990 Total  Productive   Maintenance Preventive   Maintenance Reliability WCM TPM Safety  &   Health  MS World  Class   Manufacturing H.  Yamashina,   2000 ErgonomicsEnvironment Toyota,  1943 Lean Lean   Manufg Toyota   Production   System Theory  of   Constraints Safety J.  Womack,  1990 TOC Lean   Managt Lean  Six  Sigma Lean   Culture Lean   Management McKinsey,   2005 E.  Goldratt,   1984 Professional   Coaching Japan  Institute  of   Productive   Maintenance,  1973 Digitization Business  Process   Management Just  In  Time   Kanban Heijunka Jidoka All Rights Reserved www.Essence-Leadership.com©
  4. 4. 4 FOCUS  ON  MOST  RECENT  LEAN  EVOLUTIONS   Lean  has  improved  by  opening  new  dimensions Toyota   Production   System WCMWorld  Class   Manufacturing H.  Yamashina,   2000 Lean Lean   Manufg Lean   Managt Lean   Culture Lean   Management Professional   Coaching McKinsey,   2005Promoted and initiated by Mc Kinsey, Lean Mgt highlighted ‘Lean’ as a company growth enabler, contribution strongly to its fame. Consulting companies took ‘Lean’ basic principles and tools and added their organizational transformation tools. Despite much less know than Lean, WCM builds a complete consistent Management system integrating all functions and requirements, integrating and deepening some Lean learning and steering dimensions. Lean is famous due to Toyota’s famous reputation and extraordinary results over time. These are a consequence of a complete Continuous Improvement system evolving for more than 70 years. Lean   Six  Sigma Safety ReliabilityFinance HR However required to succeed Lean outside Toyota, Lean Culture requires professional coaching level which consulting & companies develop too little. Lean  Six   Sigma Lean Six Sigma is the successful integration of Six Sigma efficient project approach with Lean concepts and tools in order to deal with all types of issues to improve a company productivity and quality. GE,  2000 Toyota,  1943 All Rights Reserved www.Essence-Leadership.com©
  5. 5. A simple, adjusted and fully integrated management system built by the team in consistency with the organization goal DIVERGENCE INTEGRATION 5 AN  INTEGRATED  MANAGEMENT  SYSTEM  LEADS  TO   TEAM  EMPOWERMENT  AND  EFFICIENCY Safety Quality Risks Cost Delivery EngagementProductivity Innovation Environment All Rights Reserved www.Essence-Leadership.com©
  6. 6. 6 AN  INTEGRATED  MANAGEMENT  SYSTEM  :   EVERY  TEAM  HAS  ITS  CONSISTENCY The goal is to provide for each team a consistent way to steer its indicators: this leads to culture and performance alignement, management simplicity and productivity whatever the topics dealt with. Senior Management Middle Management Bottom Management All Rights Reserved www.Essence-Leadership.com©
  7. 7. BUILDING  AN  INTEGRATED  MANAGEMENT  SYSTEM   Most  approaches  target  Management 7 FLOWQUALITY RELIA- BILITY SAFETYMGT SYSTEM …CI Six  Sigma Lean   Six  Sigma Lean   Manufacturing Lean   Management World  Class   Management A program deployment based on DMAIC improvement projects focused on quality A program deployment based on DMAIC improvement projects focused on flow and quality A Continuous Improvement management system by roadmap focused on quality and flow through learning organization (problem solving, standards, visual management…) A Transformation program by successive waves towards a management system focused on quality, processes flow, organization and new behaviors In order to have the proper impact and sustainability, the Continuous Improvement approaches focus more on evolving the management techniques and habits through an operational integrated management system. A Continuous Improvement management system by roadmap consistently covering all company functions (quality, flow, safety, environment, maintenance, HR, finance…) through steering and learning organization processes (problem solving, standards, visual management…) All Rights Reserved www.Essence-Leadership.com©
  8. 8. LEAN  EVOLUTION  FOR  THE  FUTURE   Find  the  right  orientation  of  Lean  in  the  next  decade 8 Follow closely the service orientations of top strategy companies like McKinsey, BCG… They have a gift for highlighting the needs of corporations. And find ways to answer these needs with Lean principles and management system Axis 1: Answer future needs Go from Lean in operational activity towards a way of thinking for any manager, in any function. So expand Lean current scope in Flow, Quality and Continuous Improvement to improve any behavior, challenge reaction, team work. Axis 2: Lean embedded By developing these two axis, Lean will go on evolving and shaping the future of corporation for their excellence. All Rights Reserved www.Essence-Leadership.com©
  9. 9. Inspire your life Impact beyond your organisationINSPIRE YOUR LIFE IMPACT BEYOND YOUR ORGANISATION 9 LET’S  KEEP  IN  TOUCH http://www.essence-leadership.com/blog All Rights Reserved www.Essence-Leadership.com©