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10 Reasons why your Company needs CRM

  1. Alberto Hernández Director de Ventas Doble Group LLC
  2. In an ever increasing competitive landscape, the relationship you have with with your customer’s will ultimately make the difference.
  4. 1. Better Management of your Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Operations CRM allows you to monitor adherence to best practices and measure real-time results. This ensures your processes are consistently delivering the desired output.
  5. 2. Maximize Revenue Growth • Improved Marketing Effectiveness = More Qualified Leads. • More Qualified Leads = More Business Opportunities • A well managed sales process = More Closings + Satisfied Customers • Better Experience = More Loyalty • More New Business + Higher Retention Rates = Revenue Growth More Leads More oportunities More Closings More Loyalty
  6. Often times we are more focused on new business. However, retention is key to sustainable growth. It is much more difficult to retain a customer when they have already made the decision to leave. And what about the cost?
  7. 3. Improve Customer Experience: Leverage your customer 360◦ knowledge to deliver a more personalized and relevant experience to each customer individually.
  8. 4. Improve & Expand Brand Image Use your Customer Knowledge to Communicate the Right Message through the Right Channels. Be a Thought Leader, Deliver Value and Respond Quicker!
  9. A CRM provides you real time insights to deepen your customer knowledge and build ”More Meaningful, Longer Lasting and Closer Relationships with each customer” Provide customers what they want, when they want it where they want it. 5. Deeper Customer Knowledge
  10. The goal is to find patterns in consumer behavior to help them achieve their goals and predict their needs in the immediate future.
  11. 6. Broader Customer Knowledge (360◦ Degree Customer View) Have real time visibility of every customer interaction and behavior by integrating with ERP, OSS, BSS, and/or any other 3rd Party Application that provides customer insights.
  12. Real-time analysis with customer- centric information is vital to determine what marketing efforts, sales strategies and customer service processes are and are not contributing to your success.
  13. 6. Greater Productivity • Process Adherence Monitoring • Campaigns & Leads • Pipeline & Forecasting • Sales and Service Cycle Acceleration • Activities Management (Never Forget) • Centralized Customer Information @ your fingertips • Workflows • Approvals • Mobility • Collaboration / Communities • And Much, Much, More…...
  14. 9. Greater Predictability via Forecasts and Trend Analysis Knowledge is Power, and a CRM provides you the statistical, trends and forecasting information you need to affect your business outcomes before its too late.
  15. Accurate Forecasting increases commercial credibility, minimizes risk and improves overall business management.
  16. 8. Better Business Decision Making With real-time access to critical business information (from any device anywhere) you can access reports and dashboards. You will be better informed and ready to make smarter decisions quicker!
  17. 10. Have a Greater Impact in Overall Business Performance Key Customer Centric Information should have an impact in other key business areas: • New Products • Product Design & Management • Pricing and Yield Management • Inventory Management • Financial Planning • Business Operations • Supply Chain • And many, many other…..
  18. In Summary, a CRM Helps….. • Improve Marketing, Sales and Service Operations Management • Maximize Revenue Growth • Improve Customer Experience • Improve & Expand Brand Image • Deepen Customer Knowledge • Broaden Customer Knowledge • Increase Productivity • Improve Forecasting & Trend Analysis • Improve Decision Making • Have a Greater Impact on Overall Business Performance
  21. Contact us! w w w . d o b l e g r o u p . c o m @doblegroup /doblegroup /+doblegroup Company/doble-group-llc doblegroup /DobleGroup
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