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  1. 1. Francois BeIIet-Odent Process, Concept & Project July 2008 . .e | | ; tam# i . ~^ÍÍ i** No v' . N. . . J W_ i ; w Concephtáêz Innovation User Centred Design
  2. 2. v ihis Synthesis of thc- process show the dLffc-rent phases . method, and output iiovva-vsy lÍÍSl1-3"Í5JSll'1tÍ*8làS. Í is shown hat . A lot oi Interaction b-; 'I'. '¡Ç'í'f1 learn, and related department for each different phase: ivlE, 'ri', EE. etcriand also with vc-ndors. x l Actor _x 4_ _ Advance Research i 3m¡ l ' l Concept Wsualisation Phase Advance Research Brief 'l llH *f Concept Visualisatlon lgí l . Vl l'i1:uf| ,r. _ w ~~' I› 'Ill *1l› Concept Selection “ÍIÃ [MN il Physical Model u r 'Iiwl *L , íuiww Apearance Model ' 'Iiwi '. .Vupw, Working Model : i n , ~. .:l rx , t» PhyModel _ x¡- Concept Selection l 3D Cad l ApModel l WModeI Method &Tool Questionaire Literature research User Feedback Brainstorming Brainstorming Sketchstorm 2d Rendering Observation Deductive result ProE model, Surface & detail, Part break Mock up factory Checking with Color Palete Sample, etc. . 'N Output Powcrpo -wt Synthesis of ñnzinrsg Pox-: c-rpcnnt: Synthesis of all Powerpo 'tt Sketch l synthtzsis Pox-; c-rpoínt ; Jatenl nmposal +Patent ñling I'- Photoiendt~rirttggÇl Pox-¡c-rpoànt Concept Rrnclw ng 3D File for ME I'- PhDÍOi-L'P= ClL'-i'lhú)l
  3. 3. A s¡ _r _ A Visual sample from the design process, early phase. Target user, Mood and color board, contextual analysis, etc. ..ancl few proposal from sketch, reñned sketches, and 7d visualisation. t¡
  4. 4. Concept lhes» aro sample of .10 model 'following the 1' AST'vcorlring process: Short study ln sketch, Mana 3D model vo: Evaluallottetc. . . Tive obieclíve wars to show ptoiect fo¡ Inspiration to ll) tlopanrviençand ruim prothct Ino. Detail on volume and CMF give a predominam language. easy to trardale into various model. Iznr-»nlw w Í¡v^'. ~I ur-'l mrlm "v v'«'| ',| '| " l. r'vri'rrll'u'ar"ll rm 'l-âlllilb-"-lll'li'lle^'l . ^, «›rr'. :li. ›t. t'*ir. rrllllhl t - . .V , mibr lullllna' . wi n . lllllnll Mobile Manufacturer © l“-. '-clr; cr'wt~r". cilxzz. . tl'. l* Intl v¡.1li'l›-| › t. ›i«1;~-'~›~I t_ IN ! vw-nt © lv-: vuijti 'r-: nix Lp 3 L' tu-: l lu' -lmtuv- i. urr; Fl"rvi-. lwro› i . u n¡›. _¡ . ..m l . i t~›¡r"u: .l. r~'›wir. -.2 lu vizual LI'l'*. ll*lIL'f| ^› u: ! Vi . mlmlu »ur ln( cnh/ QR
  5. 5. Mobile ÍÚJHUÍRCILIFCT . Il . l u. a Fill-ç-'wc-M , rrn-zzwgn' Eu _ (arqu- 1319:. E- ¡si! aux wqnw” 'w-¡Hu - Il . c 4,¡ Í-; tw-nulg Hv'. v›hu11_vcx: lc- rcvrñlrn' . m. -1 smrn : y w m. . gup-"ic LiHUlYb-l' : vnrrn: Lorl rJcr-: r: lc¡ lhrLvac-r. Íh; :Il an; :cnunztlwg "' ! mu . alan gm, - . x c-x u atum --nml . n llmunv» v›-.1|4›I| ¡›«:1 LÁ' 'h ¡vrt U. r_v: .¡dl. n-: ¡.t run' *bw-rn Miúltmthrd 'sr Í't“b^:1lllIÍ03<J'.1 . with "HZ-JI lnlnlulrn) . v 'h » n¡ n; (xr. - alca_ . (D Ith a ntofnmlh¡ F'.1'I11,| H«C¡I. 'I vu. Iv.1'. |í~~-I um ! '.'. '«-| |1'. !|'-. rnvlçrtlaí¡ kn 7 Thix um¡ - » 'A204 « 1 -. u ? iu vil', i4¡ m», w : :lu-J li! w m_ 'Jira- «rd dwurv l ¡v; ›_¡~~; ›:. m Lvlrc-; r " : h-z u n: - «Irwg : imdilnvfl Il'. ¡. v_': '.. ¡¡1|. l_s~§›¡, ? v-. n rw n . hq çdrnvll', rol cnlv n 'um c' umt-hry, tu! .nlsc In hum u¡ visual l› u; ¡-'¡›~ «vul ; rc-dum dm 'vlüílnlilí-Y!
  6. 6. MobrleManufacturer 2 - Usar focus - Athena 1 styh to andam - mc idmtlty The nedeslgn Is re-poslnoning thedevn according no the consumer mod. ¡o! the business segmem. Usabmty and lnnov¡ non comum: together and bring a mw concept. the best solution fo¡ bulas: sogmont who mod largodsplay_ Thu touch «run tochnology allow a m-sfyllng mon clean and urloukcatchlng the ngm eyes. a I 9 Usabilky demonstration 6 Orthoqaphk rmüeñvg 9 Design Language: Oullm study DDÚD
  7. 7. ^ Refine drawing for mobile 2 panel touch x. x “ 1 i "i « ' . x , , 3 i l L Í l , /57 L«' O t *Ú* . f w . : ' l Ó O " ' ' Refine drawing for Mobile All Touch pane!
  8. 8. A Sample of Smart watch project study Sample of _t wetch project study _ ' N (r a
  9. 9. 'y A Sampíefrom Camera Project study 'r Sample of Poiverpoint presentation
  10. 10. A Brainstorming workshop for new keypad. v Sample from Design language workshop f / ¡JTÊ
  11. 11. Lisabilityr: Keypad l ayout study 8a improvement on usability A Omni: Cognitive ergonomie patent for product line ' 4 i0 Litilitypatonts on Diamond serie and acccssorics to protect visual tjltjmrjnt on structure.
  12. 12. Francois BelIet-Odent Process¡ Concepts: Projects Ju| y'2008 Contact: fboii 1 i@gr'nail. com M. 886493301 7338