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B2B-Content Marketing – Weg von Selfies, hin zu Blockbuster-Marketing #AFBMC

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B2B-Content Marketing – Weg von Selfies, hin zu Blockbuster-Marketing #AFBMC

  1. 1. B2B-Content-Marketing Weniger Selfies, mehr Blockbuster Shankho Mukherjee Agency Lead DACH AFBMC 2020
  2. 2. What we’ll cover today 1 Why Content Marketing? 2 Plan: Setting clear, Measurable Goals 3 Distribute: Finding & Understanding your Audience 4 Optimise: Creative Best Practices 5 Key takeaways: Recap & Questions
  3. 3. Why Content Marketing? 1
  4. 4. Search and Social Search and Social are central to the buyers journey. Always-on Always-on communication is necessary. Trust Build trust Relevance of Content Marketing today
  5. 5. Source: My Three Biggest "Aha" Moments (So Far) Sirius Decisions “The content the B2B marketing factory produces is just like a bunch of selfies. It’s narcissistic – all about us and our products”
  6. 6. Then B2B is not just rational, it’s also very emotional
  7. 7. Potential Buyer 1.) Identify the need 3.) Compare quotes 2.) Shortlist providers 4.) Makes a decision Sales touchpoint Marketing touchpoint How trust plays an important role in the buying journey
  8. 8. Thought leadership “de-risks” the buying process It establishes trust, which leads directly to sales Among creators of thought-leadership Among decision makers 49% Believe it builds trust in our organization among potential clients Believe it increased trust in the organization 82% 81% Business Decision Makers C-Suite executives Source: 2019Edelman-LinkedIn B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study
  9. 9. 47% of C-suite executives shared their contact information after reading thought leadership Source: 2019 Edelman-LinkedIn B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study. Q12. Howmuch do you agree or disagree with these statements? Please select one response for each statement. Columns: never, rarely, sometimes, often and almost every time. Net of sometimes, often and almost every time among US C-Suite consuming thought leadership. Thought Leadership Creates Access to High-Value Decision Makers Sellers are not recognizing the full potential 39% said that they believe thought leadership “helps with lead generation and getting new contacts that we can call on.”
  10. 10. Source: 2019 Edelman-LinkedIn B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study. Q13. Howfrequently has the following occurred after you have engaged with a piece of thought leadership? Please select one response for each statement. Columns: never, rarely, sometimes, often, almost every time. Net of sometimes, often and almost every time among US decision-makers consuming thought leadership. Q17. Within your organization, is thought leadership effective in generating newbusiness opportunities? Select all that apply. US sellers (managers+) leveraging thought leadership. Thought leadership directly led decision makers to award business to an organization Business decision makers 58% Sellers are not recognizing the full potential 26% said they believe thought leadership is directly responsible for helping them close business. Thought Leadership Wins Business Opportunities
  11. 11. Creating Meaningful Connections Think about the benefit to the member. Will it make your audience more informed, productive, or successful? Be Helpful Every story ever told is built on Character | Goal | Conflict Aim to Inspire Tell Stories People talk to people. Think about emotional triggers. Optimism wins on LinkedIn. Be Human
  13. 13. Set Goals, Objectives and Metrics Understanding where you want to be is essential to actually getting there Step 1 out of 4
  14. 14. Set Goals, Objectives and Metrics Increase awareness and purchase consideration Brand Generate qualified leads and nurture them Demand Learn about the customer to improve content or product Insights Step 1/4
  15. 15. Website Demographics: Audience Insights Website demographics can reveal: If you’re reaching your intended audience on your website Traffic and engagement trends by audience Who’s converting What to create next Who to target next Step 1/4
  16. 16. The LinkedIn Content Marketing Score (CMS) is our answer to how companies and brands can better measure their content efforts on LinkedIn CMS addresses the following questions: • What is my share-of-voice against my audience each month? • How do I rank against my peers? • How influential are my employees? • I really care about a specific audience. Are they engaging? Step 1/4
  17. 17. Easily measure and optimize the true business impact of your Sponsored Content LinkedIn conversion tracking Track conversions– record the leads your ads are generating across desktop and mobile in Campaign Manager. Understand your ROI – Measure the true value of your LinkedIn ads, including return on ad spend, conversion rate and cost per conversion Optimise – see which ads, creatives and audiences are driving conversions for your business and use this to inform future campaigns and strategies. Step 1/4
  18. 18. Understand your audience Really understanding your audience is key to creating content that will engage them Step 2 out of 4
  19. 19. Develop Buyer Personas • Understand how they talk • Understand how they like to be spoken to • Understand the challenges they must overcome • Understand key milestones in the buying cycle • Understand # people in the buying centre • Understand the decision makers • Understand who or what influences them • Understand the most common objections Step 2/4
  20. 20. Each Buyer Role has different needs from content Source: Sirius Decisions. Buyer Journey Mapping #SDSummit 5 October 2017, Tim Kimber, Christina McKeon Step 2/4 Champion: Business Value • Will the solutions meet our needs? • Does it help with one of our key initiatives Influencer: Performance • Is it stable, reliant and efficient? • How will it perform? Decision- maker: ROI • What is the business value? • Why should we spend money on this? User: Customer Experience • Will it help me do my job better? • Will it enable me to achieve my goals? Ratifier: TCO • What are the alternatives? • Can we get it cheaper?
  21. 21. Targeting on LinkedIn Define your ideal personas on LinkedIn Experience Company Education Interest Job Function Job Title Job Seniority Company Name Company Industry Company Size Schools Degrees Fields of Study Skills Groups Step 2/4 Identity Age Gender Location
  23. 23. Building content that works on LinkedIn Step 3 out of 4
  24. 24. Content is the Connective Thread Sponsored Content InMailABM ElevateRetargeting Matched Audiences Step 3/4
  25. 25. The Rise of The B2B BLOCKBUSTER Step 3/4
  26. 26. Blockbusters Are The Best Way To Monetize Content For a leading indicator, check out Disney’s content calendar SUMMER 2015 FALL 2015 WINTER 2015 SPRING 2016 SUMMER 2016 FALL 2016 WINTER 2016 SPRING 2017 SUMMER 2017 Step 3/4
  27. 27. How to guides The future of... The state of... The user journey/case study The trends report Marketers can take a similar approach Create and/or Identify your classic “stories” Step 3/4
  28. 28. LinkedIn Step 3/4
  29. 29. Unlock the potential of your employees Step 4 out of 4 Activate employee networks to boost distribution on LinkedIn
  30. 30. Unlock the potential of your employees Employees are the most trusted people in a company Trusted Employees generally have a network 10x larger than a company’s follower base Connected Peer-influenced media (search and social) now represents two of the top three most-used sources of news and information* Influential Source 2016 Edelman Trust Barometer Step 4/4
  31. 31. Optimise 4 CONTENT BEST PRACTICES
  32. 32. Visuals are the new headlines Tip #1 Imagery is the biggest factor in engagement - so make sure your is differentiated. Avoid using stock imagery if possible; leverage real people or unexpected images.
  33. 33. Develop a distinct brand to immediately resonate with your audience Be consistent Tip #1 | Visuals are the new headlines
  34. 34. Demonstrate immediate value to the audience w/one key data insight Be careful to not feature too much Don’t hide your great insights behind a click Be Insightful Tip #1 | Visuals are the new headlines
  35. 35. Especially at the top of the funnel Be Creative, Human & Relatable Tip #1 | Visuals are the new headlines
  36. 36. Tell a story visually Use Different Approaches Tip #1 | Visuals are the new headlines
  37. 37. Write killer copy Tip #2 Aim to keep intro copy <150 characters and offer a clear value proposition for your content.
  38. 38. ü Keep text below 150 characters. Size images to 1200x627 pixels and leave a margin on the sides. Watch the crop factor on mobile Tip #2 | Write killer copy
  39. 39. Design for mobile experience Tip #3 58% (and growing) of member sessions come via mobile. So make sure your content delivers an optimal experience.
  40. 40. Product Mixology Tip #4 Leverage a product mix throughout the funnel to keep your audience engaged and understand how your audiences interact with our platform to reach them the right way.
  41. 41. Recommendations, course news, mini- tutorials Calculators, brochures, CTAS, offers Case studies, webinars, white papers, brochures SPONSORED CONTENT SPONSORED VIDEO LEAD GEN FORMS DYNAMIC ADS CAROUSEL ADS AWARENESS ENGAGE LEADS AWARENESS CONSIDERATION LEAD GENERATION RETENTION & RESEARCH INMAIL Infographics, blog posts, best practice guides, industry trends Product Mixology
  42. 42. Commit to A/B testing Tip #5 Continue to isolate creative factors that driving success.
  43. 43. Test content in waves & refresh frequently Wave 1 Launch content in “waves” of four posts to maximize engagement and compete on even playing field Determine top performers withing each wave and run them together (Wave 4) to let our platform optimize Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Wave 2 Wave 3 Wave 3 Tip #5 | Commit to A/B testing
  44. 44. Check CTR trend graph for an indicator to refresh creative Client 1 1 month 4 pieces of creative No optimization Client 2 2.5 months 8 pieces of creative 3-4 optimizations (targeting and revising intro copy) Tip #5 | Commit to A/B testing
  45. 45. Which Ad performed better? Version A: “Guide” Version B: “eBook” 100% Increase in CTR Tip #5 | Commit to A/B testing
  46. 46. Version A: No Audience Callout Version B: “Marketers” 53% Increase in CTR Audience callout Tip #5 | Commit to A/B testing
  47. 47. David Ogilvy Test. Test. Test. Never stop testing and your advertising will never stop improving.
  48. 48. Key Takeways 5
  49. 49. Key Takeaways Set Goals, Objectives and Metrics Understand your audience Find your audience Plan Atomize your Blockbuster content Plan customer journeys Activate Employees Distribute A / B test to find your own blueprint Optimise your Audience Test and test some more Optimise
  50. 50. Questions?