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Types of accounts

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types of accounts in a bank
types of accounts in a bank
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Types of accounts

  1. 1. Types of Accounts<br />Following are the main types of accounts:<br />1) Individual Account<br />2) Joint Account<br />3) Accounts of Special Types<br /><ul><li> Partnership account
  2. 2. Joint stock company account
  3. 3. Accounts of clubs, societies and associations
  4. 4. Agents account
  5. 5. Trust account
  6. 6. Executors and administrators accounts
  7. 7. Pak rupee non-resident accounts
  8. 8. Foreign currency account</li></ul>Accounts of Silk Bank<br /><ul><li>Current Account
  9. 9. Online Express
  10. 10. BVA (Business Value Account)
  11. 11. BBA (Basic Banking Account)
  12. 12. All in One Account
  13. 13. Savings Account
  14. 14. PLS Account
  15. 15. Super Saver Account
  16. 16. Foreign Currency Account
  17. 17. Current Account:
  18. 18. Online Express Account:
  19. 19. You can enjoy real time online access to your current account across the bank’s fast growing network of 85 online branches in 32 cities of Pakistan.
  20. 20. With Silk bank Online Express you can now enjoy complete online banking solutions, all under one roof. And that’s not all; your Online Express account opens the doors of the world for you with the power of the Silk bank VISA Debit Card.
  21. 21. BVA Account:</li></ul>Silk bank Business Value Account is a current account that brings respect and recognition to your business. Get free cheque books and pay orders, do intercity transactions and stay in touch with your funds through SMS alerts & E-Statements. Silk bank Business Value Account also protects your business inventory and cash withdrawals from the bank - all of this absolutely free.<br />You can get free banking facilities By BVA Account such as:<br /><ul><li>Free Cheque Books
  22. 22. Free Pay Orders & Demand Drafts
  23. 23. Intercity Transactions- Free of Charge</li></ul>It also gives you protection benefits like as:<br /><ul><li>Protect Your Business Inventory
  24. 24. Worry-free Cash Withdrawals</li></ul>Monthly Average BalanceSum InsuredRs. 500 - Rs. 99,999.99Rs. 200,000Rs. 100,000 - Rs. 249,999.99Rs. 500,000Rs. 250,000 - Rs. 499,999.99Rs. 1,000,000Rs. 500,000 - Rs. 1,499,999.99Rs. 2,500,000Rs. 1,500,000 - Rs. 2,499,999.99Rs. 5,000,000Rs. 2,500,000 and AboveRs. 10,000,000<br /><ul><li>BBA Account:
  25. 25. Now you can open your account with us with no minimum balance requirement, with only Rs.1, 000.
  26. 26. Two deposit transactions and two cheque withdrawals are allowed, free of charge, per month. Bank will charge Rs.100/- per transaction over and above the allowed free transactions.
  27. 27. ATM withdrawals from all Silk bank ATMs free. In case of withdrawal from BBA through the ATM machines of other banks, Switch charges will apply in accordance with Schedule of charges.
  28. 28. In case where balance in BBA remains ‘nil’ for continuous six-month period, the account will be closed.
  29. 29. All in One Account:
  30. 30. Silk bank All-in-One Account provides you the ultimate security and protection, amazing banking facilities and much more convenience all absolutely free like as:
  31. 31. Unmatched Auto- Insurance Benefits!
  32. 32. You can now avail an unbeatable auto-insurance rate as low as 2.5%, offered exclusively for Silk bank All-in-One customers!
  33. 33. Worry-free Cash Withdrawals
  34. 34. Liberate yourself from the fear of being robbed of your cash. Silk bank All-in-One Account provides you free snatching and holdup cover of up to Rs.25, 000 per annum for ATM and over-the-counter cash withdrawals across Pakistan.
  35. 35. Use Your Mobile Phone Without Fear
  36. 36. Free yourself from the insecurity of having your mobile snatched. Silk bank All-in-One Account provides you free cover of Rs.5, 000 for mobile snatching. This facility can be utilized once a year. Silk bank All-in-One Account provides you free cover of Rs.5, 000 for theft or loss of your vital documents. This coverage can be utilized once a year and is designed to reimburse you for the cost of re-issuance of these documents.
  37. 37. Liberate Yourself From the Fear of Home Burglary
  38. 38. Feel protected at home with Silk bank All-in-One Account. Your account provides you free cover for burglary of your house valuables up to Rs.100, 000.
  39. 39. Saving Accounts:
  40. 40. PLS Account:
  41. 41. Through your Silk bank Savings PLS account, you can now avail the benefits of a Savings Account with the convenience of a Current Account:
  42. 42. Profit paid out twice a year
  43. 43. Monthly Profit of 5% on all Tiers
  44. 44. VISA Debit Card
  45. 45. Profit calculated on minimum balance every month
  46. 46. Can be operated by Individuals or Companies
  47. 47. Minimum balance requirement is Rs.50,000
  48. 48. Super Saver Account:
  49. 49. Open your Silk bank Super Saver account today to enjoy high profit every month:
  50. 50. Highest returns
  51. 51. VISA Debit Card
  52. 52. Higher the deposit, higher the returns
  53. 53. Profit calculated on Daily Product Basis
  54. 54. Can be operated by Individuals or Companies
  55. 55. Profit is payable monthly
  56. 56. Foreign Currency Account:</li></ul>Invest in our Foreign Currency Account to earn remarkable profits twice a year:<br /><ul><li>Profit calculated on the minimum balance during the month
  57. 57. Profit credited after every 6 months
  58. 58. Can be operated by Individual or Companies</li></ul>New Accounts of Silk Bank<br /><ul><li>Salary Premium Account
  59. 59. Ready Line
  60. 60. Foree Transfer
  61. 61. Munafa Rozana
  62. 62. IBFT (Inter Bank Fund Transfer)
  63. 63. Salary Premium Account:
  64. 64. Silk bank’s Salary Premium Account is an exceptional current account that offers additional perks with your salary.
  65. 65. Hassle Free Salary Processing
  66. 66. Every month, your salary will be disbursed in your Silk bank Salary Premium Account as soon as we receive instructions from your employer. You can access your salary through your cheque book or through any ATM in Pakistan via your Silk bank Visa Debit Card.
  67. 67. Worry-free Cash Withdrawals
  68. 68. Liberate yourself from the fear of being robbed of your cash. Silk bank Salary Premium Account provides you free snatching and holdup coverage of up to Rs. 25,000 per annum for ATM and over-the-counter cash withdrawals across Pakistan.
  69. 69. Unmatched Auto-Insurance Benefits
  70. 70. You can now avail an unbeatable auto-insurance rate as low as 2.5%, offered exclusively for Silk bank Salary Premium Account customers.
  71. 71. Ready Line:
  72. 72. The Silk Bank consumer team proudly announces the mass launch of Silk Bank Ready Line, our third initiative of the consumer banking division, Silk Bank Ready Line is an unsecured revolving credit facility for individuals designed to upgrade their lifestyle or meet immediate cash needs.
  73. 73. The product is now available for customers in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Gujranwala. As communicated earlier, Silk Bank Ready Line offers the following benefits to its valued customers:
  74. 74. Loan amount of up to PKR 2 Million.
  75. 75. Empowerment to manage funds on a day to day basis. Use your loan account at your discretion and pay mark up on utilized amount only.
  76. 76. Get enhancement and pay lower mark up on your outstanding by transferring your credit cards and other unsecured loans to Silk Bank.
  77. 77. No pre-payment penalty on partial adjustment or full settlement monthly re-payments comprise of mark up for the number of days it is being utilized plus only 1.5% of principal outstanding.
  78. 78. Consolidate debt be transferring any outstanding amount from other bank’s credit cards, revolving credit and personal loans.
  79. 79. Get a flash loan for needs such as travel, weddings, education, upgrading lifestyles and a lot more.
  80. 80. Foree Trasfer:
  81. 81. Silk Foree Transfer is launched in line with Pakistan Remittance initiative (PRI) which is a joint initiative of State Bank of Pakistan, Ministry of finance and minister of overseas Pakistanis. The initiative was launched on August 22. 2009 to achieve the following key objectives:
  82. 82. To facilitate the flow of remittance sent home by non-resident Pakistanis through fast, transparent, reliable and efficient banking service.
  83. 83. To encourage Pakistan’s migrant to use banking channel for home remittance.
  84. 84. National cause of formalizing remittance market in Pakistan.
  85. 85. Munafa Rozana:
  86. 86. Introducing Silk bank’s Munafa Rozana Account - the only savings account in Pakistan that pays profit in cash, DAILY! With Silk bank Munafa Rozana, profit on your funds is calculated and paid out into your account, daily.
  88. 88. Silk bank Munafa Rozana is a unique account that offers cash DAILY. Earn profit on your ever-increasing balances day after day, significantly increasing the effective rate of return on your savings! You can also withdraw your profit DAILY of whenever you want.
  89. 89. HIGHER THE DEPOSIT, HIGHER THE PROFIT</li></ul>Profit RatesTiersRatesRs.0 to Rs.2mn5.00%Rs.2m to Rs.5mn5.50%Rs.5 to Rs.10mn6.50%Rs.10 to Rs.20mn7.75%Rs.20 to Rs.30mn8.00%Rs.30 to Rs.50mn9.00%Rs.50mn and above9.50%<br /><ul><li>With Silk bank Munafa Rozana Account, your profit is calculated DAILY based on the applicable profit rate on your deposit. Our tier-based rates allow you to enjoy higher profit rates on higher deposits, giving you the opportunity to earn up to 9.5% profit per annum.
  90. 90. IBFT (Inter Bank Fund Transfer):
  91. 91. The interbank funds transfer is a service conceived by 1link to facilitate online inter-bank payments on a real-time basis between the customers of participating member banks. The product enables the cards holders of 1link member banks to transfer funds from their accounts to any beneficiary of a member bank on the 1link network across the country.