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Poem sec1i wonder

  1. I Wonder… I wonder why Kirby Jeannie the grass is green, And why the wind is never seen?
  2. Who taught the birds to build a nest, And told the trees to take a rest?
  3. O, when the moon is not quite round, Where can the missing bit be found?
  4. Who lights the stars, when they blow out, And makes the lightning flash about?
  5. Who paints the rainbow in the sky, And hangs the fluffy clouds so high?
  6. I Wonder… What is it now, Kirby Jeannie do you suppose, That Dad won’t tell me, if he knows?
  7. COMPLETE THIS ‘CLOUDY’ MIND-MAP…. YOU HAVE CLOUDY 10 MINUTES SU BJ DEVICE EC T E THEM TO N E I Wonder… - Jeannie Kirby VOICE SIC MOOD MU (pssst… you can take a peep at your previous Mr Nobody ™ mind map)
  8. I Wonder… A) List down ALL the nouns you can find in (the poem Pssst.. NOUNS = NAMES of places, people, things , etc. ) B) List down ALL the verbs you can find in the (poem VERBS = ACTION WORDS  ‘to be’ / ‘to do’ / Pssst.. ‘to have’ ) C) List down ALL the adverbs you can find in (the poem Pssst.. ADVERBS  Words used to give more details on Verbs, Adjectives and Other Adverbs  remember !! How? Where? When?) D) By combining ALL the words from lists A to C, generate FIVE REALLY good sentences…
  9. Thanks for participating ;P