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Project golden sparrow ( Creating a Model Village)

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Participation of Corporate's in CSR activities,MP's model Village model adopting a Village or Govt. Schools in their respective Districts all over INDIA .

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Initiative during the Independence Day Speech of adopting of schools and Village to make a model village of INDIA.

Executive Summary

This report, offer a market analysis of the entrepreneurship support field. Entrepreneurship support initiatives (ESIs) come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they offer a range of services to small, micro, and medium-sized enterprises (SMMEs) and entrepreneurs. The inventory report gave a descriptive look at this emerging area in development aid. This report accompanies and builds on the inventory, with a more evaluative look at the field of entrepreneurship support. The inventory report is intended as a resource for connecting like-minded ground-level initiatives, so they can exchange information, learn from one another and avoid duplication of effort. This companion report is offered as a first step toward common evaluation criteria that ESIs could use to gauge the effectiveness of their activities. Both are also intended to inform the deliberations of the various international planning efforts currently underway as they ponder the value-added that can be brought to this area. Common criteria for measuring the success of ESIs could provide a useful tool for promoting evaluation as a learning tool. Case studies are popular way for development programmes to tell the stories about what is happening in the field. However, the value of most publicly available case studies is limited, because they are seldom conducted as an objective evaluation and are used more for promoting small initiatives than for learning from what others have done. With that in mind, we have offered a standard format – or "report card" – that incorporates key success metrics which could be used to determine what works best for supporting entrepreneurship, and why. We have identified the following basic criteria against which an ESI could be evaluated: setting concrete goals and achieving them; implementing and disseminating best practices; evaluating efforts and reporting back to clients and supporters; creating new businesses; building local capacity and imparting a skill set so businesses can grow themselves; facilitating truly original ideas; building businesses that withstand the test of time; fostering environmentally sustainable business; focusing on marginalized groups; positively affecting the local economy and society; fostering catalytic change by promoting a culture of entrepreneurship; addressing policy issues that hinder entrepreneurship and SMME development; implementing a cost-effective approach to get the most impact for the least cost; integrating technology and going beyond ICT; offering services that are relevant and useful at the ground level; and satisfying "client" entrepreneurs.

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Project golden sparrow ( Creating a Model Village)

  1. 1. Project: Golden Sparrow
  2. 2. PROJECT: GOLDEN SPARROW Place opted for the study: Village:-Arrehalli Hobli:- Dabbe gatta Taluk:- Turuvekere District:- Tumkur State:- Karnataka INDIA
  3. 3. Data collection • Population (<500) • Main occupation (Agriculture) • Economic background (annual & per capita income) • GIS • Market Data Base (Santhe & Jathre) • Education background of the people • Traditional occupation & Skills of the people
  4. 4. Corporate Firm Training & inforamtion center Human Resource Marketing Business Training Finance & Management Risk Measurement & Performance Technologies used
  5. 5. Training & information center • In 1st stage interaction with local people • Brain storming session for local people • Selecting the people who have leadership quality • And training the unemployed youth • Giving the brief program information • Stage 1 will be free registration
  6. 6. Entrepreneurial work training • Coir -making in-house industry & Coconut leaf stick brooms making • Paper bag making in-house industry • Cattle raring / mini dairy • Poultry form • Sericulture • Service providers • Retail shop setting • Setting up of restaurant by name HALLI-UTA • Flour mill etc
  7. 7. Finance & Management • To establish corporate entity:-  Search for local/ outside entrepreneur  Help from FI and Govt. by showing the project feasibility report. It will be helpful for the firm if incase more fund is required for the program. Money required for • ICT tools • HR • Books & stationeries • Rent of the building • Electric charges • Phone charges • Transportation
  8. 8. Risk • Loss due to natural calamities • Due to failure of monsoon • Death or viral diseases So for all these INSURANCE will be done of all kind of business transaction including the health insurance [ Note:- all these provision will be given to those people who will become the permanent member of the organization]
  9. 9. Human Resource • Manager/ Director • Trainers • Helper for office assistance • Contract workers are required at the initial stage for marketing • Resource persons for industry interaction
  10. 10. Marketing • Data-base of the surrounding market (santhe/jathre) • Market rate and selection of the market • Setting up a Shop at santhe / jathre • Selecting the target market for selling products • Participating in the exhibitions under the firms banner • E-marketing and E-Transactions
  11. 11. Measurements & Performance • Checking out the B/S of the firm • With the O/P {which include quality & quantity} • Based on the business profit • By checking out how many targets are achieved against the set targets • Continuously motivating the people who are involved in the organization to achieve there dreams • Giving the platform to people to speak about there experiences and suggestion to improve the process
  12. 12. For training & business transaction • Initial training will be free • As the program proceeds, registration fee has to be paid for business training & B-transactions • Payment of Royalty in case of using the brand name/ services • Creation of bank A/C in the name of corporate firm – And all the business transaction is carried out in that A/C – Coz of group transaction & brand name the money will be more in the A/C, so getting term loans/ personal loans will be easy for the village people
  13. 13. THANK YOU it’s the beginning