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GAP's in Govt. School

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Participation of Corporate's in CSR activities adopting a Village or Govt. Schools in their respective Districts all over INDIA .

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Initiative during the Independence Day Speech of adopting of schools and Village to make a model village of INDIA.

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GAP's in Govt. School

  1. 1. GAP’s in Govt. School (Urban / Rural) Kannada Medium / Urdu Medium / English Medium Prepared by: FAROOK A AZAM| MD | BIG & FCC|
  2. 2. Issues @ Schools Career Exposure Soft skills Development Infrastructure ( Roof & toilets, sport facility) etc Sports Skill Development Physical Training for self protection especially for girls Stress Mgmt. . Career Counseling for Standard 7th & 10 th & 11th & 12th
  3. 3.  Tree Plantation  War on waste  Self help group  Income generation activities  Emergency / Disaster Mgmt. training for first aid  Connecting Govt. schools with International programmes  Connecting Economically depraved children with Govt. Scheme's etc Creating awareness about Environment
  4. 4.  Go one by one approach  Rank the issues according to the priority and impotence  Once you prioritize, start acting on it by adopting PDCA (Plan, Do, Check & Act)  Prepare Project Execution Plan (PEP)  Post implementation Evaluate the results  If any corrections needed, then incorporate them using Kaizen (i.e. Contentious improvement)  Prepare a report of the success story, print and circulate among the other Yi net, so that same can be implemented in other chapters  Present the same to WB, ADB, JP, PMO , CMO, PCI etc How to attack the Issues / Problmes Go for 80 / 20 Rule / Ranking method
  5. 5. Toilets are very crucial one For example
  6. 6. Yi Generation of Report Talk to school authorities for permission Joint inspection of Yi along with school Collection of fact and evidence Technical back ground Dr / Medical back ground Education back ground Technical report Financial report Committee Work Break Down Structure
  7. 7. Technical & Financial Reports Technical Report  Space required  Design & BOQ  Costing  Schedule  Project closure & Handover  Life span of the project Financial Report  Budget  Milestone for cash flow for the project  Bill payment
  8. 8. Sample Design of Toilet Block
  9. 9.  PMC to be hired to look after all the work related to this project  Design for the toilet block along with BOQ should be prepared  After implementation & before handing over to School train the maintenance staff how to maintain this toilets  After handing over periodic visits is must to check how the toilets have been maintained  Once in 5 years change over of the toilets is must List of Activities for Implementation
  10. 10.  Contribution from Corporate is must under CSR  Yi can approach Corporate like Infy, WIPRO, TAYOTA, TCS, Biocon, Apollo, HCG etc..  Contribution can be either monetary to material or implementation according to Yi said design  CII should help Yi in finding the right sponsors for this cause Sponsors for the project
  11. 11.  Post implementation Quality check & utilization reports  Quarterly report generation  Annual report generation wrt to maintenance  Marketing the initiative to corporates for sponsorship  Building a good reputation with Govt. & agencies Yi Role
  12. 12. Leadership Development
  13. 13.  Pai foundation of Mumbai conduct the Leadership training camps in summers for a day or two  They also have a Crouse where they train the young boys and girls to become a effective leaders  Yi can talk to Pai foundation and connect them with this initiative  This kind of initiative will imbibe a strong seed of leadership in young INDIAN blood  Coming years these kids will become a great leaders who will be helpful in building the nation  Yi can identify the village / taluka Govt. Schools and can arrange this programme at the village & taluka level both in English and local language (i.e. Kannada) Pai Foundation
  14. 14. Thank You Follow SEK @ https://www.facebook.com/saltanatae.e.khudadad