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Creating a network of places: Culture Beacon for heritage tourism | Tom Pert

Conferentie Erfgoed, virtueel en augmented, 29 november 2016 @ FARO, Brussel

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Creating a network of places: Culture Beacon for heritage tourism | Tom Pert

  1. 1. Creating a network of places: Culture Beacon for heritage tourism
  2. 2. People’s Collection Wales is an innovative approach to collecting, interpreting, distributing and discussing Wales’ cultural heritage in an online environment. The purpose of the programme is not only to allow users to discover and view the online content; but also to encourage and enable individuals to engage with and contribute to the collections.
  3. 3. www.peoplescollection.wales
  4. 4. iBeacons? Bluetooth LE? Bluetooth LE Devices Transmit Small Packets of Data Which wakes up its ‘listener’ to let it know it’s there 5-10m 150m Which calculates your proximity to the Beacon Bluetooth LE: What is it? 5-10cm
  5. 5. • Rapid development by an enthusiastic community of volunteers • Re-use of existing interpretive materials • Development of a network of supportive local businesses/facilities Nefyn and district digital heritage trail
  6. 6. Leicester Castle Tells its Story Arts Council England & NESTA Digital R&D fund research project in partnership with Locly, Leicester city Council and Metro Boulot Dodo
  7. 7. User interface – Android phone (Nexus 5) demonstrating custom HTML pages
  8. 8. 1. create your content Login to Locly Native online to upload your content - an app template will already be waiting for you. Create ‘Cards’ and ‘Collections’ for each section of your app. Easy as 1, 2, 3…(4) 2. link your content to places Next you can ‘pin’ your Cards and Collections to any beacon device or GPS location. Locly works with most beacon devices and is also Physical Web ready, providing a URL for each card. 3. preview on your device You can use the Locly Native app to preview your Cards and Collections on any device. When you’re happy, simply set them to be ‘Public’ and they will be included in the app release. (Once your app is live, you can release updates in the same way.) 4. submit to the stores Once your app is ready, Locly can help you submit it to the App Store and Google Play.
  9. 9. Platform Features GPS, iBeacon & Eddystone Locly Native supports GPS location services and Bluetooth BLE beacon technology so you can deliver content based on the app users’ exact location. Push notifications Use GPS locations or beacon devices to trigger automated push notifications to app users when they are nearby. You can also send manual notifications to all app users. Multiple Card types Click on ‘ADD CARD’ to reveal a list of card types supported by the app. Connectivity Your App will work with or without connectivity. Content can be wrapped up in the app to work offline, or can be downloaded via Wi-fi/3G on the go. App analytics Learn more about your users and how they interact with your app. These are web-based and can be linked to your Google Analytics account.
  10. 10. Diolch am wrando / Thanks for listening To discuss anything you’ve seen or heard during this presentation, please get in touch Email: tom.pert@rcahmw.gov.uk Tweet: @trompet2 Phone: 01970 621206