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Softvative Microsoft Sharepoint Brainstorming plan V1.1

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Softvative's Microsoft SharePoint Brainstorming plan V1.1 covers one page plan that covers the key aspects of a successful SharePoint roll out of any size.

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Softvative Microsoft Sharepoint Brainstorming plan V1.1

  1. 1. Softvative Sharepoint Rollout Custom App By: Faisal Masood – PMP, Version 1.1 CD: 01012010, MD: 12242013 Symbol Count Description 2 High importance 35 Note 2 Important 8 Warning 1 4 Priority 1 2 1 Master page / CSS Priority 2 Virus Scan Contents Kerberos Dynamic connector 3 Custom Development Migration Tool 1 2 Employee Directory SSL Citrix SP Environments 3rd Party Tool Intranet VS Extranet Licensing Security Migration Tools GRC Process Authentication User and Groups Farm Topology Pre-Prod Environment Knowledge Mgmt Backup and Restore Change Mgmt Availability Softvative Sharepoint Brainstorming Plan Taxonomy / Sites Topology Architecture Disaster Recovery Service Accounts Configuration Mgmt ITIL Processes Problem Mgmt Production Readiness 1 NAS Storage 1 Old ECM System Migration Tool Migration Mig FTP Service Applications Legacy App IT Helpdesk Training Intranet Roles and Responsibilities Internal Skillsets Citrix Network Share Contents SQL Arch (DBA) Remote User Access Custom Tools Cisco VPN Business Segment Direct Browser Production Roll Out User Training Load Balancer 1 Multiple AD Domains Branch Bandwidth Performance BPO Connector Search Center Vmware Virtual Platform Integrations (Yammer, FAST, EPM, Dynamics others)