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Bloggers, Vloggers & More: How Influencers Matter for Beauty and Fashion Brands

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  2. 2 Donna Kalajian Lagani Senior Vice President/Publishing Director Today’s Presenters Jenna Manula Director Social Media Marketing Moderator Marlea Clark EVP Marketing & Insights &
  3. 3 Influencers are nothing new to marketing, particularly within the fashion and beauty sector For decades, brands have been collaborating with celebrities and models, leveraging their status and influence over consumers to help build brands and sell products Who are influencers?
  4. 4 Social media has created a new breed of influencers: individuals who have the ability to influence the opinions or buying decisions of a brand’s target audience largely due to their social media following The new breed of influencers
  5. 5 “While last year may have been ‘The Year of the Influencer,’ this year will be ‘The Year of the Influencer Investment’” - Connor Begley, President and Co-Founder, Tribe Dynamics 84% of brands polled said they launched at least one influencer marketing campaign last year and 81% of those brands saw increased website traffic and sales The growth of influencer marketing Source: eMarketer
  6. 6 59% of beauty and fashion marketers are planning to increase their influencer marketing budget over the next 12 months The growth of influencer marketing 22% of marketers agree it’s the fastest-growing online customer-acquisition method 51% believe they acquire better quality customers through influencer marketing Source: Fashion and Beauty Monitor report/Econsultancy
  7. 7 Influencers were most effective to help brands promote existing products and launch new ones The growth of influencer marketing
  8. 8 Analysts determined that brands earn $6.50 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing ROI of influencer marketing Source: Fashion and Beauty Monitor report/Econsultancy
  9. 9 Why influencers? Why women connect with beauty and fashion bloggers and vloggers Relatable Authentic Voice Naturally integrated She’s a real person Shares my interests and passions Knowledgeable Honest To learn about new products and brands Approachable Source: Buzzoole Consumers Trust Influencers
  10. 10 Donna Kalajian Lagani Senior Vice President/Publishing Director Cosmopolitan & Seventeen
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  32. 32 Jenna Manula Director Social Media Marketing Flying Point Digital
  33. 33 Q: What are the 4 biggest challenges in working with influencers? CHALLENGES OF INFLUENCER MARKETING 1.) Finding the Right Influencer • 73% of fashion and beauty marketers say influencer identification is the biggest challenge in working with influencers • Reason: Lack of resources and tools, knowledge gaps, budget • Brands are realizing that it takes more than a quick Google search to find relevant and valuable influencers Main Challenges of Influencer Marketing Source: econsultancy
  34. 34 CHALLENGES OF INFLUENCER MARKETING 2.) Measuring Impact & ROI • ROI measurement is key when investing in an influencer program • ROI driven by social media is hard to track. Brands can utilize UTM Parameters and Pixels to track conversions and site track; however, much of value influencers provide is exposure rather than financial gain • Solution: Focus thinking on non-financial objectives and invest in a measurement tool Source: econsultancy Non-Financial Objectives “These metrics might not translate easily onto the balance sheet, but that doesn’t mean they’re not valuable.” - Jack Simpson,
  35. 35 CHALLENGES OF INFLUENCER MARKETING • 59% of beauty and fashion brands struggle with capturing the attention of desired influencers • As the demand for influencers grows, brands have to work harder to win them over • Solution: Increase your odds through incentivizing, such as: • free product(s) • monetary compensation • heightened exposure • Ideas of Interest to the influencer’s audience 3.) Activating an Influencer Sources: 5 Tips t o Nail Your Next Influencer Marketing Campaign, econsultancy. The 3 Biggest Challenges in Influencer Marketing
  36. 36 CHALLENGES OF INFLUENCER MARKETING 4.) Scaling Up • Once established, influencer programs need care and maintenance to remain viable and scale • Juggling multiple influencers at once requires precise management at each stage of the campaign and staying on top of these aspects can be difficult for one person • Solution: Work with a trusted partner to identify influencers, handle communications and payment, and deliver sound reporting
  37. 37 ASSOCIATED COSTS Working with an influencer network will require a monthly investment ranging from $1,000 - $100,000+. The exact dollar amount a company should spend really depends on the brand’s overarching goal: Reach? Content Type? CTA? Source: Influencer Marketing Works for Retailers
  38. 38 ORGANIC INFLUENCER ID STRATEGY • If your brand possesses a smaller marketing budget, don’t give up! Take the grassroots approach. • Identify influencers using a combination of Google, Twitter, and Instagram search in combination with your brand’s social listening tools. Platform Details Brandwatch or Social Listening Tools Monitor the Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram landscapes for influencers by keeping track of conversations surrounding popular hashtags for bloggers, brand hashtags, and relevant hashtags to the product being launched or objective in mind. Followerwonk This tool by Moz makes it easy to find relevant influencers by topic and location on Twitter. It’s a great way to build a list of potential influencers to target. Twitter Insights Understand the influence of people who engage with your Tweets. You can use metrics like retweet ratio, engagement ratio, klout score, and social platform presence. Instagram Hashtag Identification One of the simplest but most timely ways to find your influencers on Instagram is to search for bloggers manually sharing their posts using your brand’s hashtag. “To be an influencer, an individual doesn’t always need to reach a large audience, sometimes reaching a small niche audience can be just as valuable.” – Simply Measured Source: How to Define & Engage Social Media Influencers for Your Brand
  39. 39 INFLUENCE IDENTIFICATION KPIs Whether a brand invests in an influencer network or takes the grassroots approach, make sure to assess the candidates against the following metrics: • Age • Social Reach • Resonance • Relevance D E M O G R A P H I C S D I G I T A L M E T R I C S R A T E • Fixed cost of working with influencer • Expected gains from partnership • Gender • Location • Klout Score • Kred Score • Search Engine Ranking
  40. 40 SEARCH + INFLUENCERS = ROI The connection between social and search is clear. A Searchmetrics study found social signals to be the highest correlating factors with Google rankings. • Identifying your key influencers and making sure that they share your content is one of the most overlooked SEO techniques. • Social signals have a direct correlation to search engine ranking; the more people you have sharing your content and the more influential they are, the more likely your site is to receive high value equity passing links. • It’s the modern day link-building strategy.
  41. 41 84% of brands polled said they launched at least one influencer marketing campaign last year and 81% of those brands saw increased website traffic and sales INFLUENCER TIPS 3 Influencer Marketing Tips: 1. Respect the influencer’s contribution 2. Allow influencers to be themselves 3. Embrace social media account takeovers 4. Engage in brand & influencer cross promotion via social media Source: eMarketer Marketers Pair Up With Influencers
  42. 42 Instead of relying solely on an influencer to market your brand, work together to amplify the message! Cross-promotions campaigns are the most effective way to increase brand awareness and to generate sales. HOW TO EXECUTE Partner with Influencer for product launch Produce a promo video announcing the new product and feature the Influencer Influencer takes over the brands main social media account Influencer participates in a Q&A to talk about products Brand creates content using the Influencer’s tips Customer participation to win a meet-and- greet with Influencer Collect UGC for continued promotion •Although Influencers will be doing a lot of the leg work, the social media team should take an active role in notifying and engaging its followers during the entire campaign. Cross-Promotion Tip:
  43. 43 Best Practices
  44. 44 When in doubt, disclose Rules of Engagement • Influencers must give their truthful opinion – endorsements of a product must reflect the influencer’s actual experience • If influencers are being paid to endorse or review a product or given free merchandise, it must be expressly noted in the post or review • Disclosures must be prominently placed within the post and in the same language as the post (for example, if the post is in Spanish, the endorsement must also be in Spanish) • Disclosures must be made on social media posts. For instance pinning an image on Pinterest can be considered even if there’s no text associated with it, and therefore must include a disclosure. Tweeting or posting on social media as part of a contest or giveaway also needs to be noted with a clear disclosure—a hashtag and/or tagging a brand is not considered adequate disclosure of a relationship. • If marketers determine that influencers aren’t complying with FTC guidelines, they must insist that the influencer remove the post or change the content to comply with the rules. Source: FTC Endorsement Guides: What People Are Asking
  45. 45 Thank you for joining our webinar! Want to learn more? Have questions or want to learn more about influencer marketing? Contact Marlea Clark at Women’s Marketing New York 276 5th Ave, Suite 407, NY, NY 10001 212.673.4500 Westport 1221 Post Rd. East, Suite 201, Westport, CT 06880 203.256.0880 Flying Point Digital 5 W 36th St, New York, NY 10018 (212) 629-4960
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