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Leadership tech summit 2012 pres hunefeld powerpoint format

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Leadership tech summit 2012 pres hunefeld powerpoint format

  1. 1. iPads in the Library Program Using iPads to expand learning in the libraryCPS Leadership Technology Julie Hunefeld, Librarian Summit, 7/24/12 Namaste Charter School
  2. 2. Namaste Charter School,a K-8 dual language school onChicago’s near southwest side
  3. 3. How are iPadsimproving student learning?
  4. 4. Better Organized.
  5. 5. More efficient.
  6. 6. They are accessing online content quickly.
  7. 7. Designing beautiful products.
  8. 8. Fulfilling learning goals.
  9. 9. Teaching each other.
  10. 10. Individualizing learning.
  11. 11. Effective Apps• Popplet• Paperport Notes• Book Creator• Drop Box
  12. 12. Popplet• Mind maps or webs• Lite version is free• K-W-L• Project Planning• Learning Product
  13. 13. Paperport Notes• FREE e-Notebook• Can type, write, highlight, circle, include web clips, record audio, dictate, change color and lines of pages• Great for organizing research
  14. 14. Book Creator• Create books in ePub format that can be shared• Include screen shots from the internet or photos take with the iPad• Students can write and illustrate their own books
  15. 15. Drop Box• Students can upload their files in various apps as a backup• Teacher can access these uploads from the main account• Students can download them onto another iPad• Account with dummy email address must be set up and logged in to each iPad