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Temporary Industrial Structures (2015 Brochure)

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Our versatile inventory of fabric building structures allows customers to choose a sensible, economic alternative to traditional construction.

We supply temporary, semi-permanent and custom structures for nearly any commercial or industrial application, including...

>> Temporary warehouses
>> Construction Site Covers
>> Refinery Structures
>> Lunch / Break Tents, and safety tents
>> Environmental Enclosures
>> Transportation Shelters & Temporary Hangars
>> Manufacturing Facilities

Download our 2015 brochure and see an in-depth look at the Mahaffey Advantage! http://work.industrial-tent.com/fabric-structures-pricing-brochure

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Temporary Industrial Structures (2015 Brochure)

  2. 2. 2INDUSTRIAL STRUCTURES We’ve Got You Covered Since 1924, Mahaffey Fabric Structures has been the leading provider of industrial tent rentals in North America and the Caribbean. Our versatile inventory allows customers to choose a sensible, economic alternative to traditional construction. We supply temporary, semi-permanent and custom structures for any industrial application, including warehousing, construction, oil and gas, break and safety tents, environmental remediation, transportation and manufacturing. Our structures are quickly installed and fully engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  3. 3. 3INDUSTRIAL STRUCTURES Structure Options A heavy duty aluminum beam struc- ture, which can withstand extreme winds up to 130 mph, combined with a snow load up to 30 lbs. per sq. ft. It is best suited for semi-permanent applications of at least three months and is ideal for industrial projects in harsh climates. A lightweight, aluminum structure, which offers a versatile, durable build- ing option for temporary applications up to six months. This structure is easily relocatable and is ideal for sea- sonal projects. Engineered with a peaked arch pro- file, the MTS™ has proven its versatil- ity on various projects such as storage structures and remediation enclo- sures. This structure has a high wind load, as well as the ability to shed snow. It is best suited for long-term applications in “snow country.” Super Series MegaStructure Mahaffey Tension Series (MTS)
  4. 4. 4INDUSTRIAL STRUCTURES Temporary Warehouses A temporary warehouse structure from Mahaffey is the only choice for com- panies in need of additional storage space. Many seasonal businesses that would typically incur hidden costs by sub-renting space in an off-site building have already used Mahaffey for their warehouse building solutions. Typically used as storage structures, warehouse facilities, maintenance build- ings and more, these structures can be erected on almost any surface with- out the need of a permanent foundation. They are engineered to withstand harsh weather environments with standard off-the-shelf snow loads of up to 30 lbs. per sq. ft. and winds up to 130 mph. Construction Site Covers Construction sites often suffer schedule setbacks and decreased productivity due to weather delays. Let Mahaffey help solve these costly issues with a temporary, portable construction cover. We’ll provide your workers with a comfortable heated or air conditioned environment and eliminate the threat of inclement weather, maxi- mizing productivity. Mahaffey has experience installing construction tents over con- crete pours, plumbing installations, masonry jobs and more to protect operations from wind, rain and severe temperatures.
  5. 5. 5INDUSTRIAL STRUCTURES On-Site Lunch & Break Tents Containment Structures Portable lunch tents and break areas provide industrial facilities, such as refineries and petrochemical plants, with on-site accommodation for turnaround personnel. These can be ideal solutions for safety debriefings, locker facilities or changing tents. Mahaffey containment structures are the ideal cover for your environmental remediation site. We have provided temporary enclosures for several ap- plications, including soil remediation and odor and emission control. These structures can be used as volatile containment, negative pressure and detox facilities, and for site security. These clearspan enclosures, which are engineered to meet extreme weather conditions, offer sealed interior workspaces and can be relocated easily. Whether you need a month-to-month rental or a long-term lease, Mahaffey’s economical solutions will keep your project on budget.
  6. 6. 6INDUSTRIAL STRUCTURES Accessories Mahaffey offers a wide range of door, lighting and accessory options that are comparable to those available in a permanent building. Each product is designed to complement your Mahaffey structure and add even more value and versatility to its already outstanding performance. In addition to the quality materials of our structures, you can modify and accessorize it with the following: • Door Options • Flooring • Lighting Systems • Insulation • HVAC • Custom Graphics • Water Services (portable restroom and shower trailers) Roll-up Door 400 watt Exhibit Lights Restroom Trailer - Interior HVAC
  7. 7. 7INDUSTRIAL STRUCTURES Temporary Fire House - Yorktown, VA Pipe Welding Cover - Mobile, AL Temporary Warehouse - Camp Shelby, MS Vehicle Maintenance Facility - Martinsburg, WV Industrial Storage Building - Branson, MO Temporary Lunch Tent - Rodeo, CA
  8. 8. For more information, contact Mahaffey today! 4161 Delp Street, Memphis, TN 38118 • 855.977.1763 • www.industrial-tent.com