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Evolve18 | Abhishek Dwevidi & Varun Mitra | Introduction to AEM Integration with Campaign

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Learn the basics of AEM-Campaign Integration. This presentation focuses on the content-centric approach and create newsletters in AEM and use Adobe Campaign for email delivery. Discover Campaign Workflows and look into the best practices for defining newsletter.

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Evolve18 | Abhishek Dwevidi & Varun Mitra | Introduction to AEM Integration with Campaign

  1. 1. #evolve18 INTRODUCTION TO AEM INTEGRATION WITH ADOBE CAMPAIGN Varun mitra 08/17/2018
  2. 2. #evolve18 INTRODUCTIONTO AEM INTEGRATION WITH ADOBE CAMPAIGN 1. AEM andAdobeCampaign Integration 2. Best Practices for EmailTemplates 3. Best Practices for Images,Text and Components 4. Q & A 2
  4. 4. #evolve18 4 ADOBE CAMPAIGN: BEST PRACTICES FOR EMAILTEMPLATES 1. Specify document type and character definition. 2. Code all structure using the <table> element. Use element attributes to set table dimensions. 3. Account for mobile-friendliness. 4. Keep the CSS simple by using Inline CSS. 5. Emails should be 600-800 pixels maximum width.
  5. 5. #evolve18 5 Adobe Campaign: Best Practices for Images, Text and Components 1. Add alt attributes to images 2. Use jpg instead of png format for images 3. Use <img> element instead of background images in a table. 4. Use basic, cross-platform fonts such as Arial, Verdana, Georgia and Times New Roman. 5. Use html <font> instead of style in CSS 6. Avoid JavaScript or Flash 7. Use the out of the box Adobe Campaign components provided in AEM.
  6. 6. #evolve18 THANK YOU!