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New Age Thought

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New Age Thought

  1. 1. ======================================The Truth shall set You Free <> Click Here to find How!!!http://82e0fm49ze0xjtfbq0n-z5hssm.hop.clickbank.net/====================================== The phrase, "New Thought Movement" was coined in theearly 1800s to refer to a growing social movement centered around the principlesof personal development along both Spiritual and Physical lines.&nbsp; Unlike pureLaws of Success and Personal Development teachings, the New Thought Movement joinsthe material and energetic realms with the common belief that: "To be trulySuccessful, one must do so with the highest level of personal integritypossible."&nbsp; Hugely popular in the early 1900s the movement has earned its place amongstmajor world thought paradigms and has given rise to over 800 New Thought CentersWorldwide.&nbsp; Although the Great Depression, WWI, and WWII stemmed its growththrough the middle half of the 20th century, the movement has again come to thecenter-stage behind the tremendously popular movie, "The Secret" as well as the itsmost vocal proponent Oprah Winfrey who dedicated several episodes of her show aswell as selections in her book club to the movement. So what is The New Thought Movement? The moniker itself has come to refer to a modern resurgence in popularity ofancient Hermetic teachings blended and re-engineered for the modern palate. Thephrase itself has been gaining popularity for over 150 years in both Europe and America, and finally has become a trulyworldwide phenomenon. In practical terms, The New Thought Movement it is the popularization ofphilosophical idealism, optimistic mental discipline, and the awareness of anOmnipresent Divine Force in healing and in daily living. The movement is in itsessence a marrying of Eastern and Western insights with the commonality of Hermeticunderpinnings shared by both.&nbsp; Specifically:There is a Divine force underpinning all things This force is a force of goodness and benevolence It is each human beings right and privilege to utilize, harmonize, and capitalizeon this divine force It is within the rights of every human being to seek: health, abundance, wisdom,love, life, truth, power, beauty, and peace.A proper distinction must be made: In modern parlance Eastern Thought categorizesboth Hindu and Buddhist knowledge while Western Thought refers to the Judeo-Christian and Pagan European / North American paradigms. The New Thought Movementis a synthesis of these paradigms seeking to marry the two ideologies together byfocusing on what is common to the both.&nbsp; In other words, The New Thought Movement takes the best of what the East andWest have to offer and combines it all based on real world trial and error.&nbsp;While some New Thought adherents deeply enjoy the philosophical, the Movementitself is more concerned with producing results in the real world. For example, Emma Curtis Hopkins (often called the Mother of the New ThoughtMovement") is very well known for her work in the feminist movement.&nbsp; In fact,
  2. 2. she is considered by many as one of the key lynchpins in securing womens right tovote. You see, for students of New Thought Principles, "A theory is only as good asits ability to produce results in the real world."&nbsp; While flowery language andhigh minded philosophies soothe and nourish the spirit, in the end it always comedowns to creating and becoming the change we long to see in the world around us. The New Thought Movements Future The New Thought Movement has so delightfully influenced so much of popularreligion, success literature, and modern medicine that it is without a doubt one ofour planets most influential paradigms.&nbsp; The notion that, we create ourrealities through our thoughts and efforts has become commonplace all over theworld.&nbsp; We have almost altogether forgotten that just a few generations ago weused leeches to suck out illnesses and being born poor meant being forever poor. Recently I saw a business lecturer begin his presentation by saying,&nbsp;"This isnt some new age Laws of Attraction mumbo jumbo.&nbsp; This is the realdeal down and dirty rules of running a business."&nbsp; He then went on to expertlyexplain the arts of creative visualization and determinism. &nbsp;This instructortaught the basic principles of the New Thought Movement after explaining that hewas teaching the traditional fundamentals of business... This example clearly illustrates what the Future of New Thought will be.These principles were long ago called truths.&nbsp; As the mainstream is more andmore taking hold of them, they are returning to their rightful place of beingregarded as truths once again. Well regarded for creating over 30,000 jobs and $1billion dollars for Public Education using New Thought and Shamanic principles, TheWindwalker, M. Daniel Walsh is Senior Editor at Monalle the "Personal DevelopmentPlayground" and invites you to enjoy the free mini-course: "Getting PracticalResults Through New Thought Principles" available at the International New ThoughtOnline Center: http://www.new-thought-center.com/ Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=M._Daniel_Walsh======================================The Truth shall set You Free <> Click Here to find How!!!http://82e0fm49ze0xjtfbq0n-z5hssm.hop.clickbank.net/======================================