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The last mystery from norway, geography and environment

The last mystery from Norway

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The last mystery from norway, geography and environment

  1. 1. Mystery # 8Geography and Enviroment From Norway
  2. 2. Map • This natural area extends into four counties (Telemark, Buskerud, Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane) and ten municipalities (Tinn, Eidfjord, Ullensvang, Hol, Nore og Uvdal, Odda, Ulvik, Aurland, Vinje and Rollag). Seventy per cent of the area is privately owned while 30 per cent is state-owned.
  3. 3. Both touched and untouched nature• This place has large unspoilt areas. Power developments are largely limited to the fringes of the area. There is, however, an extensive network of trails and cabins for walkers and skiers. And there is also a considerable amount of motorised traffic along the old trails right into the central parts of the plateau. The Rv 7 road and the railway line constitute significant barriers in the north, as does the Rv 11 road in the south.
  4. 4. With wild reindeer• This area is one of few remaining wild reindeer areas to have retained its original qualities. The area has a real wilderness feel, although various encroachments have had a negative impact, and the corridors to the north and south have now been reduced or practically closed by the presence of roads and railway lines.
  5. 5. Huge area• This natural area covers a total of 8,130 square kilometres and is Northern Europe’s largest mountain plateau and Norway’s biggest wild reindeer area.
  6. 6. Landmark • On the west side there are high peaks and deep valleys, while in the north are glaciers dominate. Peak Hårteigen is a well known landmark and gateway. With its 1690 meters above sea level and characteristic hat shape, it can be seen from all sides of the plateau.
  7. 7. Rich flora and faunaThis area is known for its rich flora and fauna,and is the southernmost region in Norwaywhere you will find arctic vegetation and arcticspecies. Over 500 plant species, almost 100bird species and 21 different mammals havebeen recorded in the area. This includes thesnowy owl and Arctic fox.
  8. 8. Can you find out whatkind of natural area this is? What is the name of this area?