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  1. 1. SOME THINGS ABOUT THE INDIANS! The Indians are commonly referred to as the native populations of America before it was discovered by Europeans at the end of the 15th century. The name derives from Columbus's belief that he arrived in India while in fact he had arrived in America and that the people he met were Indians.
  2. 2. With the invasion of the Europeans epidemics spread which killed over 110 million native Americans. Language, clothing and customs may vary from one breed to another but there are some similarities between the native Americans.
  3. 3. They live in Canada, in the USA, in Mexico, in Colombia where the native people are only 700.000 ,in Argentina there are 400.000, in the 1% of the population, in Bolivia where there are 2,5 million in Perou.
  4. 4. • Video: History of Native American Indians, Documentary Pt 14
  5. 5. • Information: Katerina Balabani, Katerina Andreadi • Powerpoint: Fotini Armata