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Chuck norris jokes and facts

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Chuck norris jokes and facts

  1. 1. Chuck Norris Jokes and FactsChuck Norris Jokes and Facts is a collection of the latest amusing, hilariousand extremely funny facts about the one and only super hero Chuck Norriswho once roundhouse kicked the Tsunami.Funny Chuck Norris JokesChuck Norris Awards goes to Oscar.Twitter follows Chuck Norris.Chuck Norris does not tweet; he roars.Once Chuck Norris was given a tickets for over speeding at 100 miles perhour... when walking.Others can forward SMS text messages; Chuck Norris can rewind them.When Chuck Norris dies, his tombstone wont say RIP. It will say BRB!Alfred Nobel got nominated for the Chuck Norris Prize.Chuck Norris knows Who Wants to be a millionaire.Chuck Norris can make a phone call with his iPod.Chuck Norris was playing baseball and he hit a home-run. The ball is nowcalled as Pluto.Facebook sent friend request to Chuck Norris.Google gives zero results for "when will chuck norris lose"Chuck Norris FactsOnce Chuck Norris touched an electric pole during rain and electricity got ashock.When Chuck-Norris goes to immigration checkup, the officers show him theirpassports.Solar Eclipses occurs because Chuck Norris was sleeping during the day.Chuck Norris taught a kid to play Counter Strike... that kid is now known as
  2. 2. Osama Bin Laden.Once Superman, He-man and Bat-man paid a visit to Chuck Norris... thatday was Teachers Day.Latest Chuck Norris JokesAudrey Hepburn said that Nothing is Impossible.Chuck Norris proved that Impossible in Nothing.Chuck Norris went to the SuperBowl stadium and the stadium watchedChuck Norris.Once Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked the ocean and it caused the Tsunami.Even Chuck Norris is only 90% accurate. He once fought with 100 lions andonly 90 of them died because of his roundhouse kick... the remaining tendied of fear.Chuck Norris can make Popeye hate spinach.