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Tourism Development in Kayah State: Cultures and Communities

A multi-stakeholder workshop on Responsible Tourism and Human Rights in Myanmar was held in Naypyidaw from 30 September to 2 October by the Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business and the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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Tourism Development in Kayah State: Cultures and Communities

  1. 1. Multi-Stakeholder Workshop on “Approaches to Responsible Tourism and Human Rights in Myanmar” Tourism development in Kayah State: cultures and communities By: Potjana Suansri and Pascal Khoo Twe Date: 1 October 2015
  2. 2. Placing Kayah State on the tourism map Three year project launch in September 2014 aims to enhance job creation and socio-economic development in Myanmar through an inclusive tourism approach to benefit local communities. This project is part of the Netherlands Trust Fund III programme in support of Export Sector Competitiveness financed by the Centre for the promotion of Import from developing countries (CBI) 2
  3. 3. Cultural tourism development in Pan Pet Kayan village, and Hta Nee La Leh Kayah village, Kayah State, Myanmar. 3
  4. 4. Timeline : working with communities Community study Our Good Things Study Tour Program and Activities Product testing and management 4 June July August August Septembe r
  5. 5. Community Study 5
  6. 6. 6 Community Study
  7. 7. Community Cultural Tours… ‘behind the scenes’ 7 Developing tourism in partnership with local communities is not simple. Requires a step by step process, combined with respect & empathy:  Meet the people: learn who is active and interested?  Make friends and earn trust;  Work as a team to Identify cultural and natural resources, with potential for cultural tourism; ‘Community Involvement in Tourism’
  8. 8. Our Good Things 8 Why is ‘X’ special and important ? What else should tourists learn or understand about ‘X’? What can tourists do? (do, see, hear, smell, touch, taste, imagine) Are there any dangers or risks? Are there any taboos?
  9. 9. 9 Study Tour in Thailand
  10. 10. 10 Study Tour in Thailand
  11. 11. Study Tour in Thailand 11
  12. 12. Hta Nee La Leh Village – Seven Lakes  Full day tour • Morning: Kayah cultural insight 2.Lunch – Kayah BBQ • Afternoon: arts and music experience  Half day tour • Option 1: Cultural insight • Option 2: Arts and music experience 3 • Option 3: Highlights • One option and Kayah BBQ experience  Kayah BBQ experience at 7 lakes 12
  13. 13. Half day tour Option 1: Kayah cultural insight 13 Welcome to Hta Nee La Leh Short history Do’s & Don’ts
  14. 14. Half day tour Option 1: Kayah cultural insight 14 Visit totem and animist temple, where spirits of nature and village ancestors are worshipped Try their hands playing a temple drum Learn about local beliefs, including the Deku festival Learn fortune telling using chicken bones
  15. 15. Half day tour Option 1: Kayah cultural insight 15 Visit the hunting shaman Explain the role of hunting in Kayah culture Try their hand shooting a catapult Visit the hunting shrine
  16. 16. Half day tour Option 2:Arts and Music experience16 Meet artistic and musical skills Listen to traditional instruments Have a go playing the instruments Learn and try on traditional dress
  17. 17. Visit a traditional Kayah house 17 Visit a traditional Kayah house Explain how traditional houses are made Telling about life in the village when they were young
  18. 18. Enjoy a ride on an ox cart around the village 18 Traveling past the field Learn what kinds of agriculture are being practiced Local guide may point out the fields where your lunch was grown
  19. 19. Kayah BBQ Experience at Seven Lakes 19 Enjoy a traditional Kayah BBQ on the lakeside Help to prepare it, if they wish Presentation of local food, local dress and time for cultural exchange.
  20. 20. Do, learn, feel, share… in Pan Pet Villages 20  Half day tour 1) Attractive shops, unique products 2) Hands-on, creative, cultural exchange experiences;  Full day tour • Local guides to be trained for forest trekking 1) Nature Trail – gentle trekking, through the fields around the village – learn about local way of life 2) The Trail of the Ancestors - moderate, scenic trek to the original settlement of Pan Pet villages  Local food menu
  21. 21. Shopkeepers and souvenirs 21 Make Friends before you take photos Encourage visitors to speak and interact and communicate with local people Present and sell their products Oh So Oh MayaTerai Bana
  22. 22. Hands on activities in Pan Pet 22 Give guests the chance to handcraft their own meaningful souvenir. Learning to play traditional Kayan instruments Hands-on activities
  23. 23. Gentle trekking to explore local way of life 23 Enjoy views of surrounding, forested hills and valleys. Visit the original Pan Pet Offer authentic, jungle picnics to guest.
  24. 24. Tour Operator Prioritisation: UMTA 24 Destination / activity Not interested A little interested Interested Very interested Loikaw and Demoso 1 Loikaw ethnic group museum 4 9 3 2 Demoso weaving center 1 12 4 3 The path of natural dying 1 9 7 4 The Kayah sausage experience 2 8 6 Other needs / ideas? Hta Nee La Leh 5 Cultural insight (Totem, Shamen, Hunting) 1 8 8 6 Arts and music experience 2 8 6 7 Visit a traditional, local home 1 5 11 8 Ride in an ox cart and explore the area 3 7 6 9 Kayah BBQ experience - cook, eat cultural exchange 1 5 10 10 Kayah BBQ experience - eat and cultural exchange 1 8 7 Other needs / ideas? Pan Pet 11 Shopping and cultural exchange 5 8 3 12 Hands-on activities (make your own souvenir) 2 7 7 13 Gentle trekking close to the villages 5 12 14 Full day trek - 'Trail of the Ancestors' 2 7 7 15 Jungle picnic 2 6 9 Other needs / ideas?
  25. 25. Product testing : Pan Pet 25
  26. 26. Product testing : Hta Nee La Leh 26
  27. 27. Management : Hta Nee La Leh Local Guide • 5000-8000 Ks Oxcart • 4000 Ks BBQ • 5000 Ks 27 Community Fund
  28. 28. Management : Pan Pet Local Guide • 5,000-8,000 Ks Jungle Lunch • 5,000 Ks Performance • 60,000 Ks 28 Community Fund ?!?
  29. 29. Project Steering Committee Meeting and Visit Hta Nee Lah Leh 29

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A multi-stakeholder workshop on Responsible Tourism and Human Rights in Myanmar was held in Naypyidaw from 30 September to 2 October by the Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business and the Hanns Seidel Foundation.


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