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Community Grievance Management Experiences

  1. Community grievance management experiences By Ines de Belsunce, security & community outreach manager, Apollo Towers Myanmar Ltd. Safety and Labor "offline" issues in the Myanmar Telecoms Sector - 07/10/2016 A community grievance is: - a concern or a complaint - raised by an individual or a group affected by company’s operations of behavior. - real or perceived impacts - It implies a problem, but in practice, the nature of feedback that communities may want to bring may vary.  Unanswered questions or ignored requests for information have the potential to become problems and should, therefore, be addressed promptly.
  2. The “stats” - at end September 2016 Safety and Labor "offline" issues in the Myanmar Telecoms Sector - 07/10/2016 6% 6% 7% 9% 10% 12% 17% 19% 19% 28% 28% 35% 42% 47% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% SHAN YANGON KAYIN TANYNTHARI NAY PYI TAW MANDALAY AYARWADDY MAGWAY MON BAGO SAGAING KACHIN RAKHINE KAYAH DG noise issue: enclosure, grid request, night silence activation… 40% Technical issue 4%Local politics (incl. dismantelment request, and armed group taxation) 10% Complaints about vendors 7% CSR request: electricity or road committee… Non respect of the contract: Colocation refusal, ownership issues, amendment requests... 23% In ethnic states, the percentage of sites with grievances logged is higher than in other states. 6 different type of grievances. 296 grievances logged since the 1-January 2016 69 still open or in progress, 10 sites down
  3. Grievance management process: all about tracking. Safety and Labor "offline" issues in the Myanmar Telecoms Sector - 07/10/2016 Someone logs, precises, identifies the grievance, and assigns it for solving. Someone follows up and does the necessary until solution is reached. Community outreach team Grievance Log Legal team Region al offices Grievan ce and O&M hotlines Vendor s and operat ors Legal, SAQ, O&M, or Community outreach Someone receives the grievance Date of Grievance log TN Site ID OO site ID MPT site ID Complainant / Contact received from Region Township or Village Type of issue Action Owner internal Detail of issue Amount request ed Date of closing Status 22-Aug-16SG0057 SAW0465 SGG00 675 UAung San C/O U Myint Lwin, 09- 73140248 MDLY Sagaing Myaung Colocation Issue Adriaan Coetsee Ooredoo and MPT already on air, asking 50,000MMK/month. (250,000/mnth, 3,000,000/annum) 26-aug-16: granted byCEO 50,000 MMK/m onth. 26-Aug- 16 closed WEDNESDAY 06 Htay Win - Ayarwaddy Hinthada > Kyaunggon (2h drive) AY0323- VCC charges 100L too high Kyaunggon > Kyaungyidaunt (1h15 drive) AY1003 - VCC charges too high Kyaunggyidaunt > Pyapon Sleep in Pyapon A thorough planning: A daily updated log:
  4. The solutions & their challenges Safety and Labor "offline" issues in the Myanmar Telecoms Sector - 07/10/2016 The government is prone to slow reactions, last minute planning, micromanagement… Non understanding on the technicalities on grid, amongst the villagers , making expectations unrealistic Blackmail (colocations, CSR…) Request NS 6 to 6 but battery maximum life is 8 hours (9 to 5) Legal process is a slow and politically sensitive legal process Irrationality of personal issues coming into business matters. Tower companies to join in a collective action to hold direct dialogue with the government, independently from operators Work with local authorities to enforce existing laws in the fight against blackmail., which include the predomination of the contract. Create a communication leaflet similar to the one on radiations, on grid connections simple technicalities Letters to political institutions CSR investment to road and electricity village committees Enclosure built & Grid connections O&M servicing Night Silence activation Legal pursuit Mediation tables What we can do to move forward: The solutions we are applying: None of them are perfect and the challenges are multiple:
  5. Safety and Labor "offline" issues in the Myanmar Telecoms Sector - 07/10/2016 Thank you for your attention