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Ocean of Opportunity through Digitalization

  1. Exploring An Ocean of Opportunity through Digitalization Professor Robin Teigland Chalmers University of Technology April 2019 | | | @RobinTeigland
  2. People • “Net generation” • 24x7 “mobile” workforce • Gig economy • Online learning • Sharing not owning • Sustainability Technology • Broadband/wifi • Cloud, fog • Internet of Things • AI/ML/DL/NN • Autonomous vehicles • Smart robotics • VR/AR/Holography • 3D/4D printing/ALM • Blockchains • Nanotechnology • Quantum computing Open Source • Software • Hardware • Physibles Convergence of….. Finance • Microlending/microfinance • Crowdfunding/equity/P2P lending • Cryptocurrencies, tokens • Blockchains, smart contracts • Mobile money and payments • M2M/R2R payments
  3. We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. - Bill Gates, The Road Ahead, 1996
  4. Thx to R. Wieselfors, Ericsson for photos
  5. Thx to R. Wieselfors, Ericsson for photos
  6. Updated from; statista, November 2018 $1.06T $754B$782B $820B 2018 $438B Technology (AI) replacing energy and banking
  7. FIRM FOUNDED EMPLOYEES MKT CAP BMW 1916 130,000 $56B UBER 2009 16,000 $72B MARRIOTT 1927 177,000 $40B AIRBNB 2008 10,000 $38B WALT DISNEY 1923 199,000 $171B FACEBOOK 2004 25,000 $422B WALMART 1962 2,200,000 $300B ALIBABA 1999 66,000 $353B Adapted from Parker & Van Alstyne, with Choudary, 2016, updated November 2018 Something fundamental is changing
  8. Shifting market logics – The rise of platforms Ericsson & Augur 2011
  10. Transformation of economic activity Centralized, hierarchical organizations Decentralized, self-organizing organizations
  11. Scheveningen Harbor – The Hague
  12. 3D printer workshop on Lisette’s boat Knowledge: RepRap community E-commerce: Aliexpress
  13. My first attempt at 3D printing – Successful!
  14. Do-it-yourself (DIY) microfactory networks
  15. FUTURE OF VALUE CREATION Political Economic Sociological TechnologicalEnvironmental Legal PESTEL
  17. Increasing forces for local community and circular economies
  18. Smart cities and microgrids Brooklyn Microgrid aims to create a local, neighborhood-powered grid that could operate in parallel to the main grid. One appeal of a microgrid is its potential to provide electricity to homes even if the main grid goes down. -NPR
  19. Sustainable land-grown shrimp ”Jag har ALDRIG sett så här fina räkor.. Smaken den är underbar, köttet jag kan inte ens beskriva det, det är som en blandning mellan hummer och havskräfta” -Tareq Taylor
  20. ReGen Villages – Fully self-sufficient
  21. Exploitation Exploration
  22. Peniche, Portugal One Hour North of Lisbon
  23. Centuries of Tradition
  24. Tragedy of the Commons
  25. A Broken Economic Model
  26. How might we empower coastal communities to take back their future?
  27. empowering researchers, students, entrepreneurs and businesses under one roof to find innovative solutions to societal problems To be a hotspot for entrepreneurial activity, a flagship in ocean innovation, and a showcase in circular economy… Vision
  28. Digital technologies enable ocean opportunities • Renewables • Robotics and drones • AI/ML/NN • Marine simulations • New material technologies • Additive manufacturing • Internet of things • Blockchain Entrepreneurial Mindset
  29. University Shipyard Port Tourists Entrepreneurs Fishing Boats Underutilized Resources Warehouses Fishermen Digital Nomads Students Local Industries
  30. Peniche Motorcycle Club
  31. Ocean Tech Hub, Lda ”A coworking/colearning space”
  32. Go4Surf 2Rodas Makerspace Bus Terminal The Green Warehouse Port
  33. Universities GovernmentIndustry Our Partners
  34. Marine Litter on Peniche Seafloor
  35. WP1: Mapping of Ocean Litter by means of AI and Underwater Drones WP3: Recycling waste with Graphene and 3D Printing WP2: Recovery of Ocean Litter using Repurposed Fishing Vessels WP4: Product Manufacturing combined with Blockchain PENICHE OCEAN WATCH A Blue Circular Economy Based on Ocean Litter Extraction Sustainable Ocean Entrepreneurship
  36. Exploration Visioning Networking for Purpose and Serendipity Collective Competence Building Co-creating and Experimenting Teigland 2018
  37. Exploration
  38. Robin Teigland @RobinTeigland Trond Gunnar Teigland @penicheoceanwatch If you love knowledge, set it free! OCEAN TECH HUB