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Living in Third Industrial Revolution

  1. March 2015
  2. Then… Thx to R. Wieselfors, Ericsson for photos
  3. …Now Thx to R. Wieselfors, Ericsson for photos
  4. People • “Net generation” • 24x7 “mobile” workforce • Knowledge via MOOCs • Sharing not consuming • Sustainability Technology • Broadband access • The Cloud • Mobile phones • Internet of Things • Big data • 3D printing • Robotics/AI • VR/AR Open Source •Communities •Software • Hardware • Physibles Convergence of….. Finance • Microlending/microfinance • Crowdfunding/equity/P2P • Non-fiat cryptocurrencies • Mobile money/payments
  5. What’s around the corner? 24x7 Global Internet Collaboration + Open Source + 3D Printing $60,000 $150 Available for free download on Where is the firm?
  6. The future is already here, it’s just not very evenly distributed. - William Gibson
  7. History tends to repeat itself…. Innovation, financial crisis, industrial revolution, … Steam engine Internal combustion engine Internet Microelectronics Late 18th C Late 19th C Late 20th C Schön 2008 Third industrial revolution?
  8. From factories to office parks to….
  9. Percentage of freelancers rapidly growing • US: 40% of workforce freelancers • Sweden: 700,000 to 900,000 F-skatt in past 10 years
  10. Knowledge through MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses)
  11. …to co-working spaces
  12. A 24x7 global workforce Matchmakers: USD 1bln industry
  13. Bitcoin = The power of community + open source + internet + CPU • Developed by self-organizing community of thousands of “strangers” across globe • Not one but many motivations (intrinsic, extrinsic) • 91 bln SEK in circulation vs SEK 44 bln of Bitcoin in five years • Approx USD 6.2 bln in circulation (Sept 2014) and 70,000 daily transactions
  14. No one knows everything, everyone knows something, all knowledge resides in humanity.networks. Adapted from Lévy 1997 Six degrees of separation - Milgram, 1967
  15. The Firm The Community Platformvs E.g., Microsoft ~ Created by employees within organizational boundaries E.g., Local Motors ~ Created by community collaborators regardless of affiliation Models of Value Creation Teigland, Di Gangi, & Yetis 2012
  16. Making money from your sofa
  17. Virtual healthcare services Ambulance drone
  18. In the meanwhile… Increasing forces for localization
  19. On-demand economy
  20. Increasing access to capital through crowdfunding
  21. From the north of Sweden
  22. DIY 3D printing becoming more commonplace…
  23. Turning 3D printing into business…
  24. Developing circular economies
  25. Rise of local currencies
  26. The next generation of the Internet O’Driscoll 2009
  27. Big money moving into 3D internet
  28. Developing international entrepreneurs?
  29. Clothes/ shoes MODELLING AGENCIES Top models Photo- graphers Photo studio makers Modelling furniture Poses and animations Furniture Hair Skins Event builders MAGAZINES MODELLING SCHOOLS Shop builders Accessories Body shapes DJs Viachka, Giovacchini, Teigland, Lindqvist 2011 Virtual fashion ecosystem
  30. From the mobility of goods to the mobility of financial capital to … Teigland, JVWR, 2010 ...the “mobility” of labor?
  31. Sweden’s future regions?
  32. Want to learn more? Join our funnovation workshops
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