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Leading in a digital world for MIT Research School Comfer

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Leading in a digital world for MIT Research School Comfer

  1. 1. Leading in a digital world Presentation for MIT Research School - Uppsala Professor Robin Teigland Chalmers University of Technology October 2019 www.robinteigland.com | www.slideshare.net/eteigland | robin.teigland@chalmers.se | @RobinTeigland
  2. 2. Halloween 1974 Halloween 1974 Nashville, TN
  3. 3. ID International H&Q Technology Partners
  4. 4. How do they solve their problems at work?
  5. 5. PhD Students in Digital Entrepreneurship
  6. 6. Banking is essential, but banks are not. - Bill Gates https://bit.ly/2rAWccl
  7. 7. People • “Net generation” • 24x7 “mobile” workforce • Gig economy • Online learning • Sharing not owning • Sustainability Technology • Broadband/wifi • Cloud, fog • Internet of Things • AI/ML/DL/NN • Autonomous vehicles • Smart robotics • VR/AR/Holography • 3D/4D printing/ALM • Blockchains • Nanotechnology • Quantum computing Open Source • Software • Hardware • Physibles Convergence of….. Finance • Microlending/microfinance • Crowdfunding/equity/P2P lending • Cryptocurrencies, tokens • Blockchains, smart contracts • Mobile money and payments • M2M/R2R payments
  8. 8. Digital is the main reason just over half the Fortune 500 companies have disappeared since the year 2000. -Pierre Nanterme, CEO Accenture, 2016
  9. 9. FIRM FOUNDED EMPLOYEES MKT CAP BMW 1916 135,000 $39B UBER 2009 25,000 $58B MARRIOTT 1927 176,000 $42B AIRBNB 2008 3,100 $35B WALT DISNEY 1923 201,000 $245B FACEBOOK 2004 40,000 $519B WALMART 1962 2,200,000 $319B ALIBABA 1999 102,000 $446B Adapted from Parker & Van Alstyne, with Choudary, 2016, updated August 2019 Something fundamental is changing
  10. 10. AI/ML/NN and data scale & scope are foundation for solving customer needs J. Zhang 2017
  11. 11. • Supplier credit checks & loans • Fake merchandise recognition • Product recommendations pushed to shoppers, and communicated to retailers to increase inventory • Dynamic pricing • Supply chain optimization • Robot packing and drone delivery • “Store concierge” chatbots that understand emotion to engage human when necessary • Sensors to improve customer flows Continuous innovation Over 1 mln Mom & Pop stores digitalized
  12. 12. Hema stores •Online and offline linked •Inventory and payments via app •On-demand delivery •Physical, automated restaurant
  13. 13. Shifting market logics Ericsson & Augur 2011
  14. 14. http://marketrealist.com/2016/01/fourth-industrial-revolution-need-know/
  15. 15. Pizzas, AI, robots, and AVs
  16. 16. https://www.inc.com/glenn-leibowitz/meet-the-ceo-running-a-billion-dollar-company-with-no-offices-or-email.html
  17. 17. https://www.outsite.co/
  18. 18. ReGen Villages: Fully self-sufficient http://www.regenvillages.com/
  19. 19. FUTURE OF VALUE CREATION Political Economic Sociologica l Technologi cal Environme ntal Legal Increasing uncertainty across PESTEL
  20. 20. “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten.” - Bill Gates, The Road Ahead, 1996
  21. 21. All our knowledge is about the past, but all our strategic decisions are about the future Conway 2003 What we don’t know we don’t know about the future What we know What we know we don’t know
  22. 22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiEzf3J4iFk
  23. 23. Companies progressing but leadership falling behind 4Boards.aiResearch; Understanding Digital Maturity – MIT/CapGemini 2018
  24. 24. Boards tend to overestimate their ”Digital Savviness” 62% of boards report they are digitally savvy Source: MIT CISR 2014 Board Survey, 81 companies. 24% of boards are digitally savvy based on public data Source: MIT CISR 2018 Board Study, 1122 companies, based on coding of public proxy data. 4Boards.ai
  25. 25. Digitally Savvy Boards -> Higher performance • Companies with “Digitally Savvy” boards • 38% higher revenue growth • 34% higher ROA • 34% higher market growth • 3 digitally savvy directors required to impact performance Source: MIT Research 2018 4Boards.ai
  26. 26. “XXXX has a diverse Board and a strong corporate culture. We are well positioned to achieve our strategic goal of driving profitable growth and building shareholder value." DigoshenOkt2019 Increasing pressure on corporate boards
  27. 27. DigoshenOct2019 Increasing pressure on corporate boards
  28. 28. Digital is the main reason just over half the Fortune 500 companies have disappeared since the year 2000. -Pierre Nanterme, CEO Accenture, 2016 Yet..Digital disruption has only just begun.
  29. 29. While 63% of CEOs believe AI will have a larger impact on the world than the internet,…. https://www.pwc.com/gx/en/ceo-survey/2019/report/pwc-22nd-annual-global-ceo-survey.pdf …only 3% have AI as fundamental to the organization’s operations.
  30. 30. • Social media – Fake news • Data – Cyberhacking and security breaches – Ownership, integrity, and ethical use of personal data • Artificial intelligence – ML blackbox – Algorithm & training data bias • Regulation & compliance – Upstream and downstream – National & international • Payment systems – Functionality & fraud • IoT devices & systems – Security – Operational, health, & safety – Third party competence Increasing complexity of trust
  31. 31. 4Boards.aiResearch; AI in Europe & Sweden by EY and Microsoft 2018 (n=267) Boards and Top Management not aligned on AI
  32. 32. Objective To identify, codify and disseminate a set of best practices to enable corporate boards to more successfully govern and leverage AI and other exponential technologies in their innovation and sustainability efforts Prof Robin Teigland Chair NED Liselotte Engstam Fernanda Torre Institute for Research 4Boards.ai 4Boards.ai Research Project
  33. 33. 4Boards.ai Ecosystem of AI-related innovation in Sweden Vinnova 2018
  34. 34. 4Boards.ai Research; AI in Europe & Sweden by EY and Microsoft 2018 (n=267) Few companies with advanced AI maturity in Sweden
  35. 35. Leveraging Chalmers’ data science competence +
  36. 36. AI-enabled research of AI innovation • Development of AI Maturity Barometer – AI-enabled analysis of annual reports, websites, company databases, etc • MappingAI competence at board level – AI-enabled analysis of interlocking directorates • MappingAI competence in firms – AI-enabled analysis of Swedish competence on LinkedIn and Arbetsförmedling • Other – Open source vs closed source – Networking vs hierarchy • Organizational performance – Financial – Innovation – Other? • Regional performance – Employment – Digital divide – Other? AI/ML/NN Sept 2019 to Aug 2022
  37. 37. An Ocean of Opportunity Ocean Data Factory Sweden Professor Robin Teigland, Chalmers University of Technology (ODF Director) Dr. Torsten Linders, Gothenburg University (ODF Coordinator) Robert Rylander, RISE (Research Coordinator) Peter Karlsson, Combine (AI Coordinator)
  38. 38. Ocean Data Factory Sweden To enable Sweden to be a global leader in sustainability and innovation in the digital blue economy July 2019 to July 2021 with financing from VINNOVA – Sweden’s Innovation Agency.
  39. 39. University Public sector Industry Global quadruple helix for data-driven innovation
  40. 40. Output - New results based on historical data, new data or combinations of these - New knowledge about NN/ML/AI for project partners and community - Interaction with different external actors and individuals Input - Open external data - Project partners’ own data - Live generated data (Hackathon, online data from sensors, citizen science) Characteristics Meta data Structure Object recognition Annotation Training / Resilience /… Integrity Different Neural Nets Artificial Inteligence Machine Learning FAIR Open API Live data Monitoring Data filtering Searchability Ocean Data Factory Sweden Organizing principles
  41. 41. Absence/prediction Pointsampler Presence Absence_Salinity_today Absence_Temp_today Absence_Substrate Absence_Depth .csv AI Train Detect anomaly (should it already be here?) Prediction Absence_Salinity_Climate Change Absence_Temp_Climate Change Pointsampler Presence_Salinity_today Presence_Temp_today Presence_Substrate Presence_Depth API Invasive species Dikerogammarus villosus Absence_Exposure Presence_ Exposure Absence_Shipping_traffic Presence_Shipping_traffic First Innovation Cycle Predicting the spread into the Baltic Sea of an invasive species
  42. 42. Exploitation Exploration
  43. 43. BA Two individuals (organizations) with the same number of contacts…
  44. 44. …but with very different access to signals, ideas, and resources BA
  45. 45. Peniche, Portugal One Hour North of Lisbon
  46. 46. Centuries of Tradition
  47. 47. A Broken Economic Model
  48. 48. Exploration Visioning Networking for Purpose and Serendipity Collective Competence Building Co-creating and Experimenting
  49. 49. PENICHE OCEAN WATCH Empowering coastal communities through a blue circular economy and digital mindset
  50. 50. University Shipyard Port Tourists Entrepreneurs Fishing Boats Underutilized Resources Warehouses Fishermen Digital Nomads Students Local Industries
  51. 51. Digital technologies enable ocean opportunities • Renewables • Robotics and drones • AI/ML/NN • Marine simulations • New material technologies • Additive manufacturing • IoT • Blockchain Entrepreneurial Mindset
  52. 52. Go4Surf 2Rodas The Green Warehouse Fishing Port SmartOcean ESTM CETEMARES EXAME 2019
  53. 53. POW Partnerships with Government, University & Industry • Peniche Municipality, Portugal • IPMA, Portugal • Institute Politécnico de Leiria (IPL), Portugal • University of Aveiro, Portugal • smartOcean, Portugal • Docapesca, Portugal • ADEPE, Portugal • Ocean Tech Hub, Portugal • Afrodite, Portugal • Inocean, Norway and Sweden • Birdview, Norway • OsloMet, Norway • Empower, Norway • Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden • University of Gothenburg, Sweden • Ocean Data Factory, Sweden • Eurocean, EU
  54. 54. Peniche Motorcycle Club
  55. 55. ”The Green Warehouse” A coworking/coliving/ colearning space
  56. 56. Centro de Valorização Tecnológica Infra-estrutura Científica e Tecnológica Centro de Ciência Viva para o Mar s m a r t O C E A N S c i e n c e & T e c h n o l o g y P a r k Escola Superior de Turismo e Tecnologia do Mar MAREAR 39ºNBlue business center
  57. 57. Collective competence We live in different worlds... And it’s difficult to achieve real cooperation even if you understand one another. There are always culture crashes … it takes time to build bridges between the different worlds. Ruuska & Teigland 2008
  58. 58. Boundary objects
  59. 59. Mapping Ocean Litter with AI and Drones Recycling Ocean Waste with Carbon, Graphene, & 3D Printing Recovering Ocean Litter with Repurposed Fishing Vessels Manufacturing combined with Blockchain PENICHE OCEAN WATCH A Blue Circular Economy Based on Ocean Litter Sustainable Ocean Entrepreneurship
  60. 60. To enable small-scale fishing fleets to become competitive and sustainable through a subscription data service The Peladrone Project
  61. 61. From catching fish to searching for ocean litter Extending the Peladrone service range
  62. 62. 2Rodas Project Space
  63. 63. The EMLO Project Empowering Marine Litter Opportunities To reduce ocean plastics by incentivizing marine litter collection and recycling through a blockchain- enabled circular economy approach
  64. 64. Exploration Visioning Networking for Purpose and Serendipity Collective Competence Building Co-creating and Experimenting
  65. 65. Exploration
  66. 66. Boundary spanning enables scenario thinking 1. Build relationships across diverse networks, avoid echo chambers 2. Practice scenario thinking and look for signals from the periphery 3. Ask “What if?”, challenge basic assumptions, and experiment 4. Ensure access to resources, not ownership, through your networks Boundary spanner
  67. 67. Robin Teigland www.robinteigland.com www.slideshare.net/eteigland robin.teigland@chalmers.se @RobinTeigland http://www.go4surf.pt/ Trond Gunnar Teigland tgteigland94@gmail.com www.PenicheOceanWatch.com @penicheoceanwatch If you love knowledge, set it free! OCEAN TECH HUB
  68. 68. Situations characterized by • Rapid change • Multiple interests • Limited resources • High complexity Systems Perspective Whole is more than the sum of the parts