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The Art of Storytelling

We are all born storytellers. But not many of us know how to create and tell stories in the right way. Especially, in presentations and public speaking. Learn about the art of storytelling in our short slide deck covering valuable tips and tricks about it.

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The Art of Storytelling

  1. Victor Frankl Steve Jobs Kurt Vonnegut Have you ever wondered what unites these men?
  2. Not the matches-shaped bodies at all! Victor Frankl Steve Jobs Kurt Vonnegut
  3. But how they were spreading amazing ideas…
  4. Addressing them directly to the hearts of the audience
  5. They were great storytellers indeed!
  6. But what is STORYTELLING?
  7. The art of creating stories
  8. > The art of creating stories
  9. ÕХîоðрîоøшàаÿя We are all born storytellersGOOD NEWS!
  10. We are brought up on stories and tales, explore the world through them
  11. In fact we tell the stories ourselves every day
  12. In fact we tell the stories ourselves every day
  13. In fact we tell the stories ourselves every day
  14. x We’re intuitive storytellersBAD NEWS
  15. …logical …interesting …exciting x That’s why our stories are not really… x
  16. Why is it important in the right way?
  17. To transform communications and spread ideas to the hearts of the audience
  18. Storytelling is applicable in daily life…
  19. …and business as well
  20. It’s like a first aid kit with everything you need!
  21. To persuade somebody…
  22. …we often use stories from our personal experience
  23. ðрàаñсñсêкàаçзàаòтüь îо ñсåеáбåе on the interviews we need to tell something about ourselves
  24. ðрàаñсñсêкàаçзàаòтüь îо ñсåеáбåе We’re presenting projects and speak in public using stories
  25. meaning through life cases or parable When we can’t tell something, we deliver the
  26. ðрàаñсñсêкàаçзàаòтüь îо ñсåеáбåе Have you ever heard your friend retelling the movie he saw?
  27. ðрàаñсñсêкàаçзàаòтüь îо ñсåеáбåе Yeah, that makes you sleep…and you just want to stop it as soon as possible, right?
  28. Remember! Exciting story is not about
  29. ðрàаñсñсêкàаçзàаòтüь îо ñсåеáбåе That’s why if we’re not prepared, our stories don’t engage and impress listeners
  30. a good story? how to
  31. A RECIPE Speak from your very heart
  32. Find the idea worth spreading A RECIPE
  33. Get rid of all the unnecessary stuff A RECIPE
  34. Add emotions and bright images A RECIPE
  35. The point is to build up a dramatic story line
  36. ðрàаñсñсêкàаçзàаòтüь îо ñсåеáбåе Yeah, and finally, practice all the above daily regardless of taking meals:) STORYTELLING
  37. Hi! I am the narrator of this presentation, business-trainer and expert in storytelling Alexander Y
  38. Thank to my friends from esPrezo for the visual storytelling And personally to Nyurguyana Grigorjeva, designer of agency, for the wonderful visuals Alexander Y
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