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The JOBS Act - Highlights on Emerging Growth Companies

The IPO market has picked up dramatically in 2013 with 84% of effective IPOs by emerging market companies.

To find out more, visit: http://www.ey.com/US/en/Services/Strategic-Growth-Markets/SGM_Article_IPO_Overview_Page_Main

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The JOBS Act - Highlights on Emerging Growth Companies

  1. 1. The JOBS Act Highlights on emerging growth companies (EGCs) Things to know: raising 9 months $35.5 billion 158 IPOs the US in capital 93% This is a 58% IPOs in Q3 2013 83% increase in Q2 2013 82% of the IPOs Technology 84% 24% more EGC IPOs Life sciences Real estate Oil and gas Financial services 23% 15% 11% 9% 16.4% post IPO gains 13.4% post IPO gains 78% 90% 79% To download the report, go to: ey.com/us/sgf ©2013 Ernst & Young LLP. All Rights Reserved