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  1. 1. Projek For Designers Erik Evangelista
  2. 2. About the product • Projek is about connecting people with ideas by enabling quick feedback for early creative projects. Users can post projects in various stages, offering incentives to the creative community to help them shape their product as it comes to fruition. About the project • This project is for Joe, a creative generalist who is always looking for opportunities to advance his creative career efficiently and resourcefully.
  3. 3. The Prototype https://popapp.in/projects/528d4ae02a1b9d8e51004ddf/preview
  4. 4. Projek Hypothesis • Small-time designers trying to get their projects off the ground lack the proper and quick feedback needed to refine their product into what they really want. • By enabling designers to connect with each other and offering monetary incentive, designers dedicated to improving their prospects and projects can achieve rapid feedback from the (moderated) design community.
  5. 5. The Groundwork
  6. 6. Getting to know Joe The core of this project aimed at finding out what Joe needs. From who he is, and where he wants to be.
  7. 7. A dedicated, clean life. Joe is a dedicated entrepeneur, always looking for ways to advance himself into design and creating the perfect brand. …but… He doesn’t buy things. In fact, the only things he buys are things that keep his march going (like this class!) So what does he buy?
  8. 8. Not Classes I aimed to try and let Joe have access to all the obscure classes in the bay to help him find a perfect class. Classes are things we shop for, right? No, all that was happening was I was covering up his true motivation in something, though useful, targeted towards people LIKE Joe, and not Joe.
  9. 9. Projek • Joe loves bouncing ideas off his wife and his partner. • He takes ideas and runs with them. • He’s entrepeneurial and ever-advancing. • In other words, he’s actionable. The only thing that stops his action is the sleep of feedback. • This is what Projek aims to stop.
  10. 10. Design • Users Tested: ~8 • Main findings: – The main input was squished together and was too convoluted for the user. – Camera not found useful in context of project. – No stable preference display Changes: - Guide-scheme given to the posting workflow - Removed camera and allowed only URLs, PDFs, or JPGs/PNGs
  11. 11. Things I learned • Leave the vacuum. • Stop the feature creep. Focus on Joe’s narrative. • Don’t sweat the small stuff. Waste less. • Paper is evil. Err, be more organized…