ASP.NET MVC CRUSH COURSE,[object Object],ERDEM ERGİN,[object Object]
MVC Pattern – What is it?,[object Object],MVC - Acronym for Model/View/Controller,[object Object],Invented by TrygveReenskaug[1973 - 1978],[object Object],Originally used as an architectural pattern for GUIs.,[object Object],The first implementation of MVC was as part of Smalltalk-80 ,[object Object],class library. ,[object Object]
MVC Pattern – How does it work?,[object Object],The Controller asks the Model for data,[object Object],The request hits the controller,[object Object],Model,[object Object],2,[object Object],1,[object Object],3,[object Object],Controller,[object Object],User,[object Object],The Model gives the data back to the Controller,[object Object],The controller formats the data and passes them to the View,[object Object],View,[object Object],4,[object Object],5,[object Object],The view renders the HTML that needs to be sent to the client,[object Object],3,[object Object]
MVC Pattern – Who uses it?,[object Object],.NET has Spring.NET, MonoRail,[object Object],Java has Swing, Struts, Grails and others,[object Object],Perl has Catalyst, Gantry, Jifty and others,[object Object],PHP has Zend, Zoop, Agavi and others,[object Object],Python has Django, Gluon, Pylon and others,[object Object],Ruby has Ruby on Rails,[object Object],Apple has cocoa and cocoa touch for objective-c [Mac, iPhone],[object Object]
MVC FrameworkHistory,[object Object],Based on Python,[object Object],1970S,[object Object],….,[object Object],2003 RoR,[object Object],{ ASP.NET MVC },[object Object],2009.3 MVC1 ,[object Object],2010.4 MVC2,[object Object]
ASP.NET MVC,[object Object],[object Object]
 No more “postbacks” and “ViewStates”
 Built on top of ASP.NETAdvantages,[object Object],[object Object]
More control over your html and JavaScript
Friendly URLS
More easily Testable Framework.
All ASP.Net providers still work [Membership, Session, Caching, etc]
Extensible and Pluggable [Support replacing any component],[object Object]
ASP.NET MVC Execution Process,[object Object]
DEMO,[object Object],Create New ASP.NET MVC Project,[object Object],Investigate ASP.NET MVC Structure,[object Object]
Routing,[object Object],MVC+R,[object Object],R => the hidden character,[object Object]
ASP.NET MVC Routing,[object Object],URL Patterns,[object Object],Setting Default Values for URL Parameters,[object Object],Adding Constraints to Routes,[object Object],Scenarios When Routing Is Not Applied,[object Object],How URLs Are Matched to Routes,[object Object],Accessing URL Parameters in a Routed Page,[object Object],ASP.NET Routing and Security,[object Object],ASP.NET Routing versus URL Rewriting,[object Object]
Model [M],[object Object],Validation,[object Object]
Controller [C],[object Object],Controlling the flow of application execution,[object Object]
ASP.NET MVC Controller,[object Object],Controller is a class consisting of a set of action methods.,[object Object], Responsible for ,[object Object],Handling user interaction,[object Object],Working with the models,[object Object],Selecting a view to render,[object Object],Sending model and information  to a particular view,[object Object],Making decisions for security, UI, redirects ... etc.,[object Object],The ASP.Net MVC requires the names of all controllers to end with the suffix  "Controller“  e.g.  HomeController, LoginController,[object Object]
ASP.NET MVC Controller,[object Object],A controller action always returns an ActionResult,[object Object],What if I return an object ??,[object Object],Action return ActionResult which can be,[object Object],[object Object]
EmptyResult=> no result.
RedirectResult	=> redirection to a new URL.
JsonResult		=> json result that can be used in an AJAX application.
JavaScriptResult	=> JavaScript script.
ContentResult	=> text result [and wraps any non ActionResult return Type].
FileContentResult	=> downloadable file [with the binary content].
FilePathResult	=> downloadable file [with a path].
FileStreamResult	=> a downloadable file [with a file stream]. Note: all public methods of a controller class consideredas action methods, if you don’t want a public method to be an action, mark it with [NonAction()] attribute,[object Object]
ASP.NET MVC Controller Filter,[object Object]
View [V],[object Object]
ASP.NET MVC View,[object Object],Responsible for presentation, look & feel, formatting, sorting … etc. ,[object Object],Interacts with model but shouldn’t make decisions ,[object Object],No logic should go there,[object Object],Code Behind exists but not recommended,[object Object],No View State, No Server Controls,[object Object],HTML Helpers,[object Object],Takes the view data from the controller,[object Object],Can be strong typed  ,[object Object],Can be extended by implementing View Engines,[object Object],Always build your views !!!,[object Object]
An HTML Helper is just a method that returns a string.,[object Object],• Html.ActionLink(),[object Object],• Html.BeginForm(),[object Object],• Html.CheckBox(),[object Object],• Html.DropDownList(),[object Object],• Html.EndForm(),[object Object],• Html.Hidden(),[object Object],• Html.ListBox(),[object Object],• Html.Password(),[object Object],• Html.RadioButton(),[object Object],• Html.TextArea(),[object Object],• Html.TextBox(),[object Object],e.g.,[object Object],ASP.NET MVC View,[object Object]
Extensibility,[object Object]
The default ASP.NET MVC Pipeline,[object Object],21,[object Object]
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