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Islandora Webinar: Research Data Repositories

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The July 2015 Islandora Webinar, highlighting Islandora Research Data Repositories discusses data repositories spearheaded by individual researchers, academic libraries, and research centers.

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Islandora Webinar: Research Data Repositories

  1. 1. Building Research Data Repositories with Islandora Mark Leggott, discoverygarden/University of PEI
  2. 2. Specific to Designated Community Via Documented Object/Data Model Specific to Designated Community Via Flexible Viewer/Display Methods Islandora and the OAIS Reference Model DRUPAL ——————————FEDORA—————— ISLANDORA —————— FEDORA —————————— DRUPAL D I G I T A L A S S E T M A N A G E M E N T PRODUCER CONSUMER SIP DIPINGEST ACCESS ADMINISTRATION PRESERVATION DATA MANAGEMENT Descriptive Metadata Administrative Metadata ARCHIVAL STORAGEAIP AIP Technical Metadata ZIP CSV RIS MOL XML J2K TIFF PDF/A AVI MP3 BIN MIX, TECHMD… MODS, MADS, DwC… PREMIS, METSRights… Filesystem - FoXML, METS, BagIt…
  3. 3. Islandora Characteristics ■ Standard data models supporting a wide range of file formats and metadata schemas ■ Flexible UI layer for branding and display features ■ Strong preservation focus, with a variety of options reflecting local practices ■ Workflows, embargoes, access controls, batch ingest ■ IGs: Metadata, UI, Preservation, Documentation, Archives, F4 ■ Training Camps, Annual Conference
  4. 4. Islandora + discoverygarden ■ DGI provides 90% of Islandora code development ■ DGI provides full range of commercial services ■ Scoping, Professional Services, Audits, Support ■ Installation on local systems or cloud services ■ Platform for turnkey solutions, including data ■ Active participation in Fedora and Islandora communities
  5. 5. Conceptualizing Initializing Creating/ Analyzing Reporting Formalizing Popularizing Research Institutes Libraries & Archives Museums Media Organizations Health Centres Government Agencies Private Companies Universities & Colleges NGOs & Non-ProfitsOther Access Collaboration Preservation E-Mail, Letters, Published Research, Requirements Meeting Minutes, Grants, Data Collection, Acquisitions Forms, Data, Cataloguing, Findings, Discussion Reports, Theses, Datasets, Visualizations Articles, Curricular Content, Policies, Exhibits Blogs, Twitter, Newspapers, iTunesU, Flickr
  6. 6. Data Physical Data Model Single Tenant ResearchSpaces Storage, Description, Preservation Data Descriptive Metadata (ChemML, EMBL, Darwin Core, MzXML, TEI, MODS, EML) Technical Metadata (DPX, EXIF, METS, MIX, VIDEOMD) Administrative/Preservation Metadata (MODSRIGHTS, PREMIS, XACML) Data Files and Formats (MIME types, information extraction) Security & Encryption Physical Data Model
  7. 7. Intellectual Data Model Intellectual Data Model S W E N Multi-Tenant ResearchSpaces Cloud Sharing, Collaboration, Replication, Transformation, Discovery Annotation Enhancement AnalysisEnrichment Entity ExtractionVizualization PublicationRelationships InnovationInnovation Open Access
  8. 8. Out-Of-The-Box Stewardship ■ Islandora 7.x-1.5 can accommodate any data with out-of- the-box release ■ Scholar SP citation + PDF, links to authorities ■ Combination of Binary and Compound SPs can model any data model and file types ■ Customization can provide additional services/support
  9. 9. Scholar ■ Support for citations + PDF document ■ Ingest using PMedID, DOI #, Refworks XML, RIS ■ Rich MODS record ■ Entities SP for MADS/EAC-CPF scholar records ■ Flexible display/search of metadata ■ Support for OAI harvest and more
  10. 10. Compound + Binary SP ■ Ingest any file ■ Create parent using a Scholar MODS record ■ Add any number of related records ■ Recognized MIME type will display using appropriate SP ■ Opportunity to define a consistent project-based data model
  11. 11. Data Repositories & SFUdora ■ Designed to support the full data life cycle ■ Integration with SFUdora, which implements the Pydio system as part of a standard Islandora ■ Provides DropBox-like functions for the “middle”
  12. 12. Custom Data Stewardship ■ Islandora’s flexibility facilitates customization at all levels ■ Data models and files ■ Metadata ■ UI and viewers ■ Integration with external repositories
  13. 13. Other Opportunities ■ Collaborating around open source software is at the core of all Islandora projects. ■ From a colleague collaborating with like institutions: ■ “just having an association with these talented and hard-working colleagues is a tremendous asset.  It’s nice to know that they are always willing and able to help whenever I call for their assistance or advice”
  14. 14. Questions? Mark Leggott - mleggott@upei.ca