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2013 lesson 1 the weather & commands.revised

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2013 lesson 1 the weather & commands.revised

  1. 1. Students will:  greet & ask a friend.  do learning process for associatives: - What’s the process? - Where does the process come from? - What kind of clothes do I wear?  play graphic organicer/chart  be assested “What’s in the box?”  review “Weather song” Menú previous next
  2. 2. Be Ready! (ready position) Menú previous next
  3. 3. Click for help Click video and sing along. Good morning Welcome! T Greetings Menú previous next
  4. 4. Objective: Understand the definition of weather Menú Standard 4ELP: Language of Science. Language domain in speaking, singing- riming-clapping, repeating form. previous next
  5. 5. Key vocabulary: Weather, windy, hot, sunny, cloudy, col d, snow, hailing, thunder, tornado. Menú previous next
  6. 6. sunny rain cold hot snow cloudy hailing thundering tornado windy Menú previous next
  7. 7. sunny raining cold hot cloudy hailing snowing windy Menú previous next
  8. 8. sunny weather sunny tornado tornado snowing snowin g windy windy thundering thunderin g hot hot hailing hailing cold cold cloudy cloudy Menú previous next
  9. 9. sunny sunny tornado tornado snowing snowin g windy windy hot hot hailing hailing cold cold cloudy cloudy Seasons Spring Summer WinterFall sunny tornado Menú previous next
  10. 10. Today it’s windy it’s hot it’s sunny it’s cloudy it’s partly cloudy it’s cold it’s rainy it’s snowing it’s nice weather It’s very windy it’s hailing it’s thundering it’s a tornado Song Weather Match Game (Audio-Visual Graphic Organizer) Menú previous next
  11. 11. Click for help Say & click Spanish numbers, to find which-one opens the present. It’s hailing thunderin g It’s very sunny I’m hungry It’s raining It’s very cold Bring me It’s hot Nice weather tornadohappy It’s windy It’s cloudy Show me It’s cold Very windy sunny hailing I’m hot snowin g (Assessment) Menú previous next
  12. 12. Weather Song! (Sing and Review) Menú previous next