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M5 DAN BENSKY in Barcelona - Intermediate Class 2017

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In this intermediate level class, Dan Bensky deepens our understanding of how to work with the eight listening post: the cranium. A unique opportunity to learn about the cranium and the cranial sutures in the context of the ENGAGING VITALITY approach for acupuncture, and a chance to revisit and integrate the core concepts we've already been exposed to as the Yang Rhythm, Manual Thermal Evaluation and different needling techniques.
Group size limited in order to ensure personalised feedback from Dan Bensky to each participant.

+ info & registration: rayn@engagingvitality-europe.com

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M5 DAN BENSKY in Barcelona - Intermediate Class 2017

  1. 1. Engaging Vitality – Intermediate class (Module 5) – Barcelona 2017 * Engaging Vitality – Barcelona – Jan. 26t h & 27th - 2017 W i t h D a n B e n s k y T h e E i g h t h L i s t e n i n g P o s t T h e c r a n i u m & C r a n i a l s u t u r e s * To participate in this intermediate class you need to have the foundations, so at least you need to have completed the 3 modules training series with Dan Bensky, Charles Chace, Marguerite Dinkins and/or the rest of the team of European teachers. For more info and registration, contact: rayn@engagingvitality-europe.com
  2. 2. Engaging Vitality – Intermediate class (Module 5) – Barcelona 2017 * Thursday, January 26TH 2017 Practice set 0 EV protocol Intro to course Touching the head Touching the head Practice on self Practice set 1 the eighth listening post YR Suture anatomy and channels Practice set 2 Locating sutures Local listening (LL) Cranial Vault Practice Set 3 LL CV with suture palpation LL CV with CL & TX via distal point[s] Practice Set 4A Q&A Practice Set 4B LL CV with CL & TX via local point[s] Occipital CV 4 How to Do [focus on hand softness and use of deep mm of forearm] Practice set 5 Occipital CV4 Friday, January 27TH 2017 Q&A SBS - Background and description - including different ideas about what it is, what it means, and how to test Practice Set 5A Direct exam of CB Flexion & Extension Description of Torsion and SBR Practice Set 5B Direct exam of CB - Torsion & SBR Description of Lateral and Vertical Strains Practice Set 5C Direct exam of CB - Strains Practice Set 6 Do EV protocol to find point and see effect on CB Sutherland, Arbuckle, early days - review how and why to do an Occipital CV4 Practice Set 7 Quick check of all EV markers [tongue, pulse, MT of the Burners, YR listening posts] followed by CV4 then recheck Practice set 8 Recheck all Sutures Review