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Engage on the Go, AAM 2012

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Liz Neely

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Engage on the Go, AAM 2012

  1. 1. Engage on the Go: Mastering Mobile Content Delivery May 1st AAM2012, MinneapolisLiz NeelyDirector of Digital Information and Accesseneely@artic.edu@lili_czarina
  2. 2. Focused on Collections-focused Content
  3. 3. “the master content strategist must work with content from all angles: messaging architecture and messaging platforms; content missions and content management.” Rachel Lovenger Content Strategy Director at Razorfish NYCA List Apart, April 24, 2012
  4. 4. Responsive
  5. 5. Adaptive
  6. 6. Make content portable & reusable iPad User Interface • Reads TourML – Tour specification Publication Authoring (TAP/Drupal) • Layout data/media specific to installation • Exports TourML – Tour specification Web Services • Structured Data -- XML/SOAP Solr Index Collection Management System • Collection Metadata • Images • Related Media
  7. 7. Future• Wireless in the galleries• Design more ‘playful’ interactions with content• Build for different audience• And, have audiences build different experiences