The Story of my life

Empowerment International
18 de Nov de 2008

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The Story of my life

  1. The Story of my Life
  2. I was born in a small slum in a very poor family.
  3. I played on the dirt roads with broken cycle tubes and other things I found in trash.
  4. My parents did not go to school.
  5. I wanted to go to school but I did not have clothes or shoes or money to buy them.
  6. . I wanted to be like the other children who were in school and had new opportunities.
  7. But I had to go to the nearby market to work when the big bell dinged every morning.
  8. While at work, I loved looking at those lucky kids in their uniforms, entering schools with their back packs.
  9. I wanted to be given a chance to create a better life.
  10. seemed closed on me. But all doors
  11. Then one day a happy change came into my life. .
  12. A woman named Kathy started telling my parents to send me to school and also gave me uniforms, books and backpacks!
  13. I was so excited about my new pencils and books, my smiles just wouldn't stop!
  14. She even got cameras for me and my friends, and I have taken pictures that even many grown ups like!
  15. I make sure I go to school even when it is raining hard.
  16. Even my parents take interest in my schoolwork and assignments.
  17. I hope every kid in the world gets them! It feels so good to get new chances .
  18. I f you want to know more about me, just visit the website: Presentation by Neha Singh Photos courtesy - Kathy Adams