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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

  1. 1. Chapter 9 :Stars & Galaxies Galaxies
  2. 2. Present by:• Adleena Adzmi 11th July• Raihana Zuhaidi 17th August• Anas Iyliawani 4th October
  3. 3. Meaning of :• Galaxy is a gathering of billions of stars and planets.• Our solar system is in the galaxy called the Milky Way .o Galaksi merupakan kumpulan bintang-bintang yang terdapat dalam Alam Semesta.o Galaksi dalam mana sistem suria, iaitu bumi dan matahari berada di dalamnya dikenali sebagai Bima Sakti.
  4. 4. • 100 billion galaxies are currently known to exist in the visible Universe• Milky Way is a spiral galaxy• Our Sun and Solar System lie on one of the spiral arms – Orion Arm• About 90 000 light years in diameter
  5. 5. Type of galaxy :Spiral Elliptical Irregular
  6. 6. Spiral Galaxy• Disc shape with spiral arms• Consisting of old and young stars• Older stars at centre• Younger stars at are at the edges• Young, hot and bright star• Spin around the black hole making it “Spiral- like”• Eg : Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy
  7. 7. Spiral Galaxy
  8. 8. Elliptical Galaxy• Flattened ball-shaped• Oval and have no arms• Consist mainly of old stars• The most common type of galaxies• The core of the galaxy is bright but its edges are dim• Formed from collisions of spiral galaxy• They can be huge and they can be very small• Small amount of hydrogen means no more stars will bloom
  9. 9. Elliptical Galaxy
  10. 10. Irregular Galaxy• Not formed into specific shapes• The size of these galaxies can change• There are among the smallest galaxies.• Contain a lot of dust and gases• Consist mainly of young stars• The most uncommon type of galaxies• 10% of the galaxies are irregular galaxies• Eg : Large Magellanic Cloud
  11. 11. Irregular Galaxy
  12. 12. Thank you