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the place where the sky is always grey

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the place where the sky is always grey

  1. the place where the sky is always grey or how blogs and wikis are better for you than newspapers
  2. European newspapers would like you to think that …
  3. there is a place where the sky is always grey.
  4. ‘ Corruption: l'UE épingle la Roumanie’ Le Figaro (FR) ‘ Agony of children left behind in Romania’ Daily Mail (UK) ‘ A flood of 350,000 skilled workers is expected to leave Romania for the UK.’ The Sun (UK) ‘ Dall' orfanotrofio in Romania alla prostituzione’ La Repubblica (IT) Is the sky always grey in Romania?
  5. no wonder I can see the clouds gathering in your mind …
  6. and that you imagine Romania to be like this.
  7. but what the journalists aren’t showing you …
  8. and what you do find on blogs, wikis, travel sites and the likes of Flickr is …
  9. the blue sky!
  10. above the Danube Delta, ‘an outstanding beauty’ TripAdvisor user
  11. above Voronet, ‘one of the world’s greatest cultural gems’ Redstate.com blog
  12. Peles, ‘possibly the most beautiful castle in all of Eastern Europe’ Neatorama
  13. Sibiu, ‘the 2007 European capital of culture’ Wikipedia
  14. yes, there are clouds. but the sky is blue in Romania too.
  15. ‘ an amazing country’ Responsibletravel.com user
  16. ooh, and the atmospheric scientists (a.k.a. meteorologists) talk of 210 sunny days per year in Romania
  17. although usually I don’t really trust them, they do have a point here.
  18. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 License Photo credits Flickr users 1 EJMphoto 4 chaosinjune 5 David O'Farrell 9 p@u| 10 mihnea.boiangiu 11 marches-lointaines.com 12 Travel & Photo 13 Ivascu Adriana 15 frozenminds
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